City Connections

Come and experience the 'ultimate business network' first hand at a City Connections networking event.

Networking at the coalface can be the ultimate tool to promote your business to potential new customers in order to generate sales or raise awareness, or even to maintain relationships with existing customers. For many businesses, it's by far the most cost-effective form of marketing.

At each of the City Connections lunches you'll have some time over the main course to tell guests at your table about your company before hearing about theirs; you'll then move to a new table meeting more delegates over dessert and repeating the process. Following lunch, many delegates remain and continue to network.

"I met some charming, interesting and, in some cases, inspirational people. My second event at AGCC and definitely felt "more at home" as a result. Potential for networking opportunities will encourage me to keep coming back to build on formative relationships."