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Chamber members have access to a range of benefits and services . We recognise that different companies and organisations have different needs from a Chamber of Commerce and we are developing a constantly evolving range of products and services suitable for all sectors.

Click here to view one businesses experience of being well connected as a member of their local Chamber of Commerce.

Joining the Chamber is simple. You can either:

- Print off a copy of our registration form, complete, scan and return to, sending payment under separate cover.
- Click the "Join the Chamber" link to complete online registration

Please note that membership benefits will not commence until payment has been received.

Chamber subscription is rated according to the number of full time equivalent employees employed by the local trading or registered business unit/division or entity.

Membership payable by
company size (employees)
Cost (Ex VAT)
1-5 £315
6-15 £380
16-30 £490
31-50 £705
51-100 £985
101-250 £1,200
251-500 £1,770
501-1000 £2,125
> 1000 £2,850

Contact the membership team on 01224 343915 or email for any assistance or to make an appointment to discuss the benefits of becoming a Chamber Member.

Click here to download the membership registration form.

Membership Awards

With members remaining firmly at the heart of the Chamber, we are identifying members who have been with us continuously for 15, 20, 25 and 30 years. Bronze, silver, gold and platinum awards will be issued accordingly to thank our members for their on-going support and will have their contribution acknowledged at a series of events throughout the year.

Chamber Chief Executive, Bob Collier, said: “As an organisation, our mission statement is to put our members at the heart of the Chamber; the Chamber at the heart of a strong and sustainable economy in the City and Shire and our region at the heart of a prosperous country so we wanted to acknowledge those members who have supported and worked with the Chamber for many years.

“It is their involvement as well as the involvement of all our other members which has made us into a leading membership organisation in North-east Scotland so it only right that we draw attention to the enormous contribution they have made to us and to the business community in this region.”

Member companies awarded this month:

Sea-Cargo Aberdeen Ltd - Bronze

Aker Qserv - Bronze

Aker Solutions Ltd - Gold

Clydesdale Bank PLC - Gold

Denholm MacNamee Ltd - Gold

Franks International Ltd - Gold

Glen Tanar Estate - Gold

Muir Matheson Ltd - Gold


Refer a Member

The Chamber's new 'Refer a Member' scheme will help strengthen the tailored benefits and services available to its network of around 1,300 members.

A greater network of organisations creates a louder voice when campaigning on your behalf on issues affecting the local business community. An ever-growing and diversified index of companies provides fresh opinions and increased business opportunities for members.

We are asking current members to refer a business (currently a non-member) they feel would benefit from the business support offered by AGCC. To see a full list of membership benefits click here.

Should your referral sign up for Chamber Membership you can select one of the following rewards:

Web button – free of charge for one month

Networking – attend one of our networking events free of charge*

*excluding Northern Star Business Awards

To refer a company please download and return the Refer a member form.

Our Membership Team will get in touch with them to discuss the benefits and services of being part of the 'Ultimate Business Network.'

Contact Us

Seona Shand

(Responsible for: Energy Sector, Transport Sector & Finance Sector)

t: (01224) 343929


Mary Holland

(Responsible for: Skills Sector, Tourism Sector, Food and Drink Sector, Third Sector & Retail)

t: (01224) 343903


Teresea Bremner

Responsible for: Business Services Sector & Property Sector)

t: (01224) 343963


Liam Smyth

(Responsible for: Culture & Creative Sector)

t: (01224) 343920