STV Reveals Week of Programming on Appeal 2012

A week of special programmes has been announced to highlight the work of the STV Appeal 2012.

STV's week of engaging, entertaining, hard-hitting and celebrity packed programmes will be on screen from Monday 3rd September culminating in a live show hosted by Appeal trustee Lorraine Kelly on Friday 7th September, when Lorraine will reveal how much the STV Appeal has raised in 2012.

From dancing for 12 hours, to swimming with sharks and cycling from Glasgow to Edinburgh, celebrities have done some weird and wonderful things to raise money for the STV Appeal 2012. The week of programming celebrates all of these achievements and looks at the reasons behind the Appeal, which is raising money for children and young people in Scotland affected by poverty.

STV Appeal 2012: The Big Launch

Monday 3rd September at 8pm on STV

The week of programming launches with a 30 minute show focusing on the reasons behind the STV Appeal and what the money is raised for. The show will feature four case studies of children and young people affected by poverty in Scotland. These are the people who will benefit from the Appeal and are the reason why people across Scotland have been raising money. The programme will also feature a few of the events which have helped raise money for the Appeal this year, including Amy Macdonald's gigathon.

STV Appeal 2012: The Big Challenge

Tuesday 4th September at 8pm on STV

Joined by a variety of famous friends each day, including David Hayman and Clare Grogan, Fred MacAulay took on the challenge of walking 96 miles of the West Highland Way to raise money for the STV Appeal. This programme follows Fred's journey and looks at some of the other amazing challenges that celebrities have taken on for this worthwhile cause, including John Michie and Pamela Stephenson who took part in a hugely impressive 12 hour dance marathon in aid of the charity.

STV Appeal 2012: Born To Lose?

Wednesday 5th September at 8pm on STV

This hard-hitting documentary explores the issue of child poverty in Scotland. From the perspective of Paul Brannigan (The Angel's Share), the programme examines the effects that being brought up by two heroin addicts had on him. From the drug dens of Glasgow to the glittering lights of Hollywood, Paul has come a long way but can anyone truly escape the legacy brought by generations of Scots born into poverty? Is it something in the blood?

The programme includes expert opinions from some of the world's leading scientists as they explain how stress experienced by pregnant mothers is genetically programming their yet to be born children to survive in harsh environments. It's an evolutionary throwback to earliest man, when life expectancies were less than 30. Now people are living longer, the complications it causes are becoming apparent. And with large parts of Scotland still recovering from the mass unemployment of the 50s and 60s, it's the health time bomb that's already exploded.

STV Appeal 2012: Scotland Tonight Debate

Wednesday 5th September at 10.30pm on STV

Scotland Tonight will debate the issue of child poverty in Scotland, with special guests from the documentary Born To Lose? in the studio.

STV Appeal 2012: The Big Live

Friday 7th September at 7.30 pm on STV

Presented by Lorraine Kelly, the live show will bring together all the fundraisers who have made the STV Appeal 2012 a huge success. With live music from Amy Macdonald and Manran featuring Michelle McManus, the two and a half hour show will be packed with celebrity appearances, including well known STV faces.

Friday's packed programme is live from the STV studios in Glasgow with links to presenters across the country.

Lorraine Kelly, trustee of the STV Appeal 2012, said: "Every penny that is raised by the STV Appeal will stay in Scotland and be spent on our children and young people affected by poverty. I would urge everyone to give what they can and to make a donation to help them and to change their lives for the better.

"Viewers will have a chance to see the fundraising challenges that celebrities have taken on to raise money, and the week of programmes will highlight some heartbreaking stories of children affected by poverty in Scotland, and how the money raised by the Appeal can make a real difference to these young people.

"On Friday's live show we will get to meet some of the many generous fundraisers, from across Scotland, who have made an incredible effort to raise money for children affected by poverty, and of course we reveal the total amount raised."

Elizabeth Partyka, deputy director of channels at STV, said: "The week of Appeal programming is a fantastic opportunity for STV viewers to see the reasons behind all the fundraising efforts and hear more about how the money will be spent to tackle child poverty in Scotland.

"The most amazing thing about the STV Appeal is that every penny we raise will be matched by the Scottish Government. This means that £5 immediately becomes £10. This doubles the impact that we can have in tackling this issue.

"We also believe it is an important opportunity for everyone at STV to give something tangible back to our viewers, helping to make a difference to the lives of children in Scotland."

All celebrities involved with STV Appeal have generously donated their time for free.