ACVO E-Bulletin- Friday August 31

Aberdeen City Council is preparing to gather feedback from residents to make sure Council services are delivered in a fair way to everyone in the city who needs them.

As part of the Council's newly adopted vision - Aberdeen - The Smarter City – residents in the Granite City are being asked for their views about the Council's work and priorities.

The findings of the city-wide survey will help the Council to challenge inequalities and bring communities closer together by producing a set of Equality Outcomes. These outcomes are to help the Council assess what it is doing right, what needs to be improved as well as measuring future progress.

Each public authority has to publish a set of Equality Outcomes by April 2013 to comply with the new Equality Act 2010 and the Council wants to get as many people from all sections of Aberdeen's communities involved as possible. In order to do the Council's Equalities Team has carried out extensive work with community representatives to help design its Equalities Outcomes and produce a short DVD clip to encourage people to see that Equality is everybody's business.

Aberdeen City Council Leader Councillor Barney Crockett said "This survey will enable the Council to generate some very valuable and vital feedback about the work we do. We understand that everyone has busy lives but the findings will be a vital resource that will help shape priorities and plans for the future. Using the results, we can continue to deliver great services as well as assessing where changes and improvements can be made to benefit residents in the city in years to come."

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