Backup and Recovery: A Burning Issue for Businesses

According to a recent IT survey, 74% of firms and public sector organisations in nine European countries said they were 'not confident' that they could fully recover their computer systems or data after an IT failure.

Safeguarding valuable company information is of high priority for firms large and small, as loss of this data can have a catastrophic affect. As technology progresses and data storage becomes more complex, businesses now, more than ever, need to ensure that they have the processes in place for the backup and recovery of data.

Graeme Gordon, operations director IFB says, "By law, every organisation across the UK must retain data for operational and compliance reasons, information relating to trades, transactions and accounting is auditable and stored for up to five years. If a company operates in the public sector it will be further affected by the Freedom of Information Act and this states that a firm must comply with requests from the general public for information. In light of this, the variety, velocity and variation of data generated by today's modern business is increasing at an unmanaged rate."

World leading information technology research and advisory company Gartner, has said that over the next 5 years business data will increase by over 800%. Whilst this is a general increase across the board, in sectors such as the energy industry, the volume of data produced in a single day can cause real operational concerns.

Graeme continues, "One offshore platform can produce a terabyte (1,000 megabytes) of data per day, a large percentage of this must be stored, backed and be accessible as needed at a future point, so it's essential that robust, scalable and secure systems are in place for the management of this data. The effective and efficient back up of data into a secure, safe and reliable environment is crucial for businesses, especially the energy sector. Whilst data backup is essential, so too is the management of data and we work with our clients to ensure data integrity, implementing technologies and processes that verify data to reduce the risk of loss or corruption during storage but also provide our clients with the ability to access their data as, and when, they need it.

"We have invested in an innovative service platform specifically designed to provide our clients with access to resilient and highly secure backup and recovery services. Using recognised industry leading technology, service levels and data retention policies allow any business organisation of any size to use our hosted easy to access and secure data backup system, without the need to invest capital expenditure in this technology themselves. Our software is installed on every server, workstation or laptop the business wishes to back up. All devices will then connect to the backup platform at the IFB data centre, this back up is scheduled based on our clients' requirements and also the connectivity that the device can and has access to at different times. Including mobile devices such as laptops or tablets within the backup gives businesses the added reassurance that should these get lost or stolen, they can still access and re-instate data easily.

"Companies are able to login to a secure web-based portal to view reports on the backup of their data, which devices are being backed up and see any potential issues with the data backup, before they arise. This approach ensures that businesses have 'control' over the backup and storage of their data and the reassurance that it is being closely supported and monitored. Implementing a robust backup and recovery model ensures that businesses are doing all they can to protect one of their most valuables asset – data."

IFB, founded in 1996, is a leading Internet Service Provider (ISP) and provides ICT infrastructure for businesses across the UK. IFB recently invested over £200k in the development of the new Workplace Recovery services which will provide clients with a comprehensive solution, should their business be affected by flood, fire, power or IT failure. The biggest facility of its kind in the North East, IFB's 52 seat Workplace Recovery suite on Hareness Road, Altens can accommodate key personnel, in the event that businesses cannot use their own office building. The 240m² facility provides access to high capacity internet access, direct dial telephone systems, meeting room facilities and car parking.For more information contact IFB on 0845 270 2101 or More about the company can be found at