Volunteers needed to help manage woodland home of city red squirrel population

Aberdeen City Council's team of Countryside Rangers is appealing for volunteers to help clear woodland in Hazlehead to help the area's red squirrel population thrive.

Red squirrels have once again been spotted in the Hazlehead area of the city, partly due to the removal of some grey squirrels but also through work carried out to encourage the regeneration of Scots pines – red squirrels' favourite food.

The Countryside Rangers anticipate that the removal of spruce saplings in the area will help the Scots pine population flourish and in turn allow red squirrels to thrive.

A volunteer day to clear the saplings has been planned for Saturday [03 November] from 10am-3pm. The meeting place is the car park at the crematorium.

Countryside Ranger Simon Whitworth said: "If people come to help remove the spruce saplings from the woodland it will help the Scots pine population which will in turn give people more chance of seeing red squirrels in the city."

Volunteers are asked to bring a packed lunch and waterproofs and to wear sturdy footwear or wellies. Tools, gloves and got drinks will be provided. Children under 16-years-old must be accompanied by an adult.

Places must be booked in advance by calling the Countryside Ranger Service on 01224 897400 or by e-mailing lochinch@aberdeencity.gov.uk