Project Management - The Fundamentals

1 day course delivered at Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce in Bridge of Don, Aberdeen.

What is a Project? What is a Stakeholder? What is a “WBS” and why do I need one? What does a Project Manager actually do?

These are some of the questions that befuddle people when they find themselves thrust into a Project Environment.

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Price:    £290 + VAT (Member Rate)
              £435 + VAT (Non Member Rate)


This introductory course is designed to clarify and explain the basic aspects of a project and project management and to give participants confidence in their project environment. It will help individuals to recognise the key aspects of a project and the importance of their role within it.

Participants will learn to:


  • Understand what constitutes a Project.

  • Understand the typical life cycle of a Project. Understand the role of the Project Manager, Project Team Members and Stakeholders.

  • Understand the basic principles and language of Project Management.

  • Understand the process and importance of Project Planning. Understand the benefits of Managing Risk

  • Understand the importance of having a Project Methodology clearly defined within a business.


Target Audience:


The course is designed to introduce people to the basic, essential principles of Project Management. It would benefit those who are new to projects and Project Management and those who are required to carry out project-related tasks. It is also useful for enhancing existing understanding of project terminology and documentation.