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Modern Apprenticeships

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Modern Apprenticeships are training programmes aimed at developing highly skilled employees. They are available to any employee aged 16 or over - and there are various Modern Apprenticeship frameworks available in Scotland across a wide range of industry sectors.

They were introduced in Scotland in 1995, being a key part of the government's drive for greater competitiveness. Modern Apprenticeships allow individuals to develop both their occupational and personal skills in a working environment, whilst ensuring they reach a common standard of competence and knowledge that is recognisable to the industry, as being a sound basis upon which a career can be developed.

These programmes also offer young people the opportunity to train for jobs at various levels within a company and are designed to help create a high-calibre work force, which will strengthen the training system throughout the United Kingdom. They are an exciting way of

gaining skills and qualifications that will help individuals to start a career or develop an existing one, without having to study full-time.

Every employer wants to know they are recruiting highly capable motivated people, and Modern Apprenticeships have the benefit of introducing individuals to quality training with industry recognised standards. The MA frameworks offer flexibility, meaning that not only are employees

learning skills that are important to the whole sector, but also the actual training programme is adaptable enough to suit the company's specific requirements.

Although each Modern Apprenticeship framework is specific to a particular industry or sector, they are all made up of 3 parts:

N/SVQ Level

Workplace Core Skills

Additional Components



Modern Apprenticeships bring together Scottish Enterprise Grampian, Aberdeen City Council and the region's training providers, employers and young people. Since 1991 35,000 young people in the Scottish Enterprise area and 2,500 in the Scottish Enterprise Grampian area alone are now seeking new skills through Modern Apprenticeships.

Essentially, Modern Apprenticeships aim to match the training needs of young people more closely with the skill requirements of local employers, and at the same time offers young people the means to take more responsibility for their choice of training and job.

Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce Training Services has an exciting opportunity for you within our Modern Apprenticeships Programme in Business & Administration.

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