What are VQ's?

What are SVQs?

Scottish Vocational Qualifications are based on standards of competence, designed by Sector Skills Councils (SSC), in partnership with industry and awarding bodies.  They relate to a candidate's practical ability to work in real conditions, and to a degree of competence over time that reflects the standards on which the SVQ is based.

There are five levels of SVQ, whose definitions are as follows.

Level 1  basic, routine and repetitive work skills

Level 2  broad range of skills including non-routine activities and individual responsibility

Level 3  supervisory skills

Level 4  management skills

Level 5  senior management skills

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Scotland's employers can get information on the skills they need for their business by visiting Our Skillsforce. It summarises the support available from Scotland's public sector and other skills related organisations. Led by Skills Development Scotland, Our Skillsforce helps employers recruit, develop and plan the skills they need to compete and grow.


Our VQ's

What we can offer at AGCC

At Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce, we understand that you are an individual, with unique aspirations and goals.  No matter what you want to achieve, the Chamber will help you every step of the way.  Whether you are at the start of your career or seeking to move up through your organisation, we'll give you the support and guidance t help you succeed at every stage of your career by achieving a vocational qualification.

We offer Vocational Qualifications in:

  • Business & Administration

  • Customer Service

  • Management & Leadership

  • Learning & Development

  • Assessor & Verifier Awards

Fully Funded VQ's

Fully funded places in Business & Administration, Customer Service

Our VQ Training Team are pleased to announce they have been awarded a Modern Apprenticeship contract from Skills Development Scotland (SDS) for 2013-2014, for funded places in the delivery of Business & Administration, Customer Service and Management & Leadership SVQs. These cover a number of age categories, including 16-19, 20-24 and 25+, and the qualifications are at various Levels 2, 3, 4 and 5.

These funding opportunities provide individuals in employment with the opportunity to work towards an industry recognised and accredited qualification, which can provide a high degree of flexibility in meeting the needs of both the candidate and the employer.

Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs) are based on standards of competence, designed by Sector Skills Councils, in partnership with industry and awarding bodies. They relate to an individual's practical ability to work in real workplace conditions and to a degree of competence over time that reflects the standards on which the SVQ is based.

Level 2 is aimed at members of staff who may have few formal qualifications and wish to improve their future prospects, through gaining a recognised certificate, which is based on their occupational competence. Level 3 focuses on individuals who have perhaps been in the same position for a number of years and wish to gain recognition for being competent at their job. Level 4 is aimed at those who may be in a management role and wish to achieve a qualification, which will acknowledge their skills and ability to perform successfully at a more senior level, while Level 5 is primarily aimed at managers who are in a senior position, and as such will be involved in policy, decision making and strategic planning activities.

For employers who are thinking of recruiting individuals who may be out with the specific funding qualifications available, there is the Scottish Government's Employer Recruitment Incentive (ERI), which is designed to encourage businesses to recruit staff by offering a cash incentive. Businesses can get up to £2,000 when they employ a young apprentice, or take on individuals who have gone through one of SDS's pre-employment programmes, or have experienced some previous barriers to work.

The Chamber is widely acknowledged for delivering quality training to member and non-member companies in Aberdeen City and Shire, and the VQ Team likewise have an excellent track record in assisting individuals to achieve their learning and development ambitions.

For further information please contact George Brand.  

Modern Apprenticeships

Modern Apprenticeships

Modern Apprenticeships are training programmes aimed at developing highly skilled employees.  They are available to any employee aged 16 or over - and there are various Modern Apprenticeship frameworks available in Scotland across a wide range of industry sectors.

They were introduced in Scotland in 1995, being a key part of the government's drive for greater competitiveness.  Modern Apprenticeships allow individuals to develop both their occupational and personal skills in a working environment, whilst ensuring they reach a common standard of competence and knowledge that is recognisable to the industry, as being a sound basis upon which a career can be developed.

These programmes also offer young people the opportunity to train for jobs at various levels within a company and are designed to help create a high-calibre work force, which will strengthen the training system throughout the United Kingdom. They are an exciting way of gaining skills and qualifications that will help individuals to start a career or develop an existing one, without having to study full-time.

We offer Modern Apprenticeships in Business & Administration and Customer Service.

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For more information on VQ's please contact George Brand, Vocational Training Manager.

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