Gabi Medero, co-founder

Gabi Medero, co-founder

Kenoteq is on a mission to ‘supply the most innovative and sustainable construction products the building industry has seen… using waste materials’. Their first product is a construction brick made from nearly 100% construction waste.

The challenge

  • There is currently a brick shortage in the UK - in 2019 the UK imported 500 million bricks
  • The UK has a housebuilding target of 300,000 new homes per annum
  • 70% of all construction waste needs to be recycled

The solution

  • Kenoteq has developed a brick that is made out of nearly 100% recycled construction waste
  • It needs no firing so can be manufactured at one tenth of the energy of a conventional brick
  • It has comparable strength of a conventional brick but provides double the thermal insulation
  • The bricks can be made to bespoke colours and sizes

In 2021 the company will be installing a new facility to undertake pre-production trials with a view to entering into full scale production in 2022 manufacturing 2 million bricks per year.

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