As we finally begin our return to normality we're delighted to soon be offering face-to-face networking again - we've missed it and we know you have too.

We learned from a recent survey that 75% of businesses look to the Chamber to provide introductions via our networking events. Interestingly, the same percentage have told us they want to return to in-person activities once guidance allows.

We all need help now and again so we've created a networking event where delegates can come together in person, shake hands, exchange business cards and information, come up with new ideas among people with a common profession or interest and, by building new relationships, potentially win some business.

What's more, since it's been so long I've also created a handy ChamberTalk video to explain some of the top tips to networking. Take a look below.

Chamber Talk play button

Top tips for networking:

  1. Turn up. Sounds simple but don’t book onto a networking event, have your details listed on the delegate list and then don’t turn up. People will want to connect with you and it doesn’t look good if you aren’t there.
  2. Smile and introduce yourself. Everybody is there to connect so dust off those business cards, put your slippers in the bin and say ‘hi’.
  3. Make an effort to talk to new people. Talking to those you know is reassuring, especially after not seeing them in person for so long but don’t be afraid to make new connections and meet as many people as you can. The Chamber team will be there to help you too and you’ll have a delegate list to double check you’ve met as many people as you can.
  4. Don’t be too in-depth. If a conversation is flowing and you think it’s worth continuing, organise to meet again over a coffee to talk further then move on and connect with others.
  5. Help others. If you’ve had a conversation and something resonates with another delegate, make you sure you invite them into the conversation. Others will do it for you too and they’ll remember you.
  6. Ask questions. You’ll learn a lot more from listening than talking.
  7. Enjoy. We’ve all suffered from Zoom and Teams fatigue so this is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd – and not because you forgot the tip about putting your slippers in the bin!
  8. Follow up. Send an email the next day or, even better, organise to meet with them again.

We’re delighted to say, it’s time to join in. Our next networking event is on September 17, book your place now.