Picture the scene, sun is shining, weather is sweet, pint in hand, laughter abound and friends reunited. That is the fantastic opportunity that is on the horizon, we will be reopening our external areas from the July, 6.

We have waited on the dates and the guidance and now we are back in the driving seat. In order to be part of it we are asking all of our customers that want to come from the opening date onwards to book their table via our website (www.siberia-aberdeen.com). Tables will be available for 2 hours time slots and we will be asking each customer to agree to new terms and conditions.

The journey will be different, you will be asked to adhere to a temperature check and to follow one way systems among other things. We will have new ordering systems in place and there will be an abundance of hand sanitizer around the building. There will be the implementation of strict cleaning procedures on top of our covid secure disinfectant fogging that we have had to do to protect all internal hard surfaces. We have even used the down time to add in a outdoor heating system so that it can be used in all conditions.

First and foremost we will look forward to welcoming you all back, but our bar and our operation has to be safe for our staff to come back to. We cannot ask them to put themselves at risk and will only ask them to do so after training and implementing and investing in an abundance of preventative measures which we will continue to adapt and adjust as we go forward. All that we ask from our customers is that they respect the new normal and have fun with it. Don’t forget your ponchos just incase.

We will not lose sight of the fact that the pub should still be a fun environment and we intend to take on board any feedback any customers may have with how we get on with making their experience safe, it's the one way we will know that we are getting it right.

Roll on the beer garden!

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