Angus Robb, training executive, Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce

Angus Robb, training executive, Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce

Six months ago, if you had wanted to speak to your doctor online you would have been hard-pushed to find one willing to meet your request as just 5% of practices across the UK had the service. Now however, a staggering 88% of surgeries offer video or web-based consultations.

This shift, necessitated by the coronavirus pandemic, has fundamentally changed how one of the UK’s biggest employers operates. Customer-facing experience aside, like most companies, the NHS was also faced with adapting how it managed its own people and the challenges, both physical and mental, of the changed working environment.

In the aftermath of lockdown as companies of all sectors, sized and specialities adapt to new challenges and new opportunities, having a skilled and highly trained workforce is vital to supporting their ambitions – whether financial or otherwise - and their ability to emerge stronger from the COVID crisis.

Skills such as communication, time management, dealing with difficult situations or motivation and delegation have come to the fore in terms of maintaining a healthy working life; while critical skills around marketing, finance or leadership have been vital during these testing times.

Upskilling to effectively manage changes and teams when returning to work where organisations must now focus their efforts.

Here at Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce we have recently confirmed our training courses running for the rest of 2020. This year has undoubtedly been one fraught with challenges but we’ve successfully managed to cater for clients online, providing a platform for training from our homes which many have taken advantage of.

It’s hugely exciting to know that we’ll soon be back hosting classroom training here at our office. We provide an extensive training programme to cater for your company’s every need, including over 50 public courses running throughout the year in a varying range of subjects:

  • Critical Skills for Business
  • Management and Leadership
  • Finance
  • Business Development
  • International Trade

As social distancing still applies and many workplaces are still required or opting to work from home, new solutions to training formats and physical set ups are necessary to abide by this ‘new normal’. The Chamber has worked hard to offer many of these solutions as well as the possibility to adapt and suit your organisations every need with several different available formats:

  • VILT (Virtual Instructor Led Training) via Zoom
  • High Intensity Training courses
  • Twilight Training (evenings/weekends)
  • Hybrid Virtual/ Face to Face courses
  • Modular programmes to suit your needs

For more information on our range of courses and services please get in touch at