What a year – and it’s only April! With businesses all around the world adapting operations due to a certain virus, it will be unsurprising to hear that many marketing strategies were thrown out the window in sheer panic.

Survival is key, however, now is not the time to cut costs on managing your profile. Now is the time to get stronger, get in the minds of prospects, think creatively and try fresh approaches to suit the new world we live in.

As we all sit on the cusp of a new beginning as restrictions begin to ease this spring, professional marketers must keep focus on delivering impactful and effective communications. The value of a tailored marketing strategy should never be underestimated, now more than ever as organisations grapple to keep control over business priorities.

One of the many benefits of marketing is that it is designed to be flexible. It is one of the greatest challenges of a marketer to predict future customer needs, wants and desires. When the pandemic hit, consumers themselves were not even aware of their own needs or how purchasing decisions would evolve.

But that should not stop your marketing activities. Instead, it allows you to re-evaluate your marketing plan and be ‘smart’ about how you position your products and services.

It is an ideal time to refresh or rebrand when things are quieter. This ‘revival’ presents an opportunity for you to present your brand with a new purpose and show to customers that you are progressing to meet their current needs.

Communication with your customers should also be stronger than ever before. Not only is it important you show sensitivity to what is going on but keeping your customers fully informed on operational changes to your services and any other developments is vital.

A question we often get asked is whether businesses should still be posting on social media? We say 100% yes! But with caveats. Don’t post for the sake of posting and remember the bigger picture; question if your post is going to add value to your business and your followers.

Now is also a good time to think about content creation. Even if it doesn’t seem to be the right time for you to post, building up a library of content ready to use when things settle down helps you stay in control.

Another key thing to bear in mind during tough times is that sharing good news is so important; positive stories help to break up the monotony of the doldrums of lockdown. Sharing more upbeat developments brings encouragement and a ‘can do’ mentality motivates and can help shine a positive light on your business.

Taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture to re-strategise and focus your marketing efforts goes a long way. There has never been a better time to re-evaluate your marketing plan and up your game for the best that is still to come in 2021.