Romona and Alexandra

Romona and Alexandra

Do you want to support local producers but don’t know where to go nor have the time and energy to find the local stores? This is where Mad Potato comes in.

Mad Potato has developed an online platform where you can find and order product from a range of local producers and it is delivered directly to your door five-days a week, all in just one shopping session. They also source their products as close as possible to home as to ensure as little possible impact on the environment.

The enterprise was inspired and created to bring people together through locally produced food. Behind this concept are two sisters, born and raised in the countryside.

Ramona Obafemi, co-founder said: "Here at Mad Potato, we care a lot about food provenance - it’s the cornerstone of our business and we believe that it should be the same for every food business out there. This is an extremely important issue for a number of reasons, but there are three big ones that we care about deeply: food miles, supporting local businesses and the impact on the environment most supermarkets have currently.

"We believe that if there’s a way to reduce this carbon footprint on food, then we should do our best to make it happen - there’s no reason to contribute negatively to the environment when we could avoid it."

Alexandra Pagnejer, co-founder said: “Our love for food started as two little countryside girls, watching our parents bring the family together while they were in the kitchen, apron on, holding an over-sized carving fork in one hand and a glass of wine made with grapes from our garden in the other.

"There are plenty of local producers that take great care and pride in offering the best quality products. This is our purpose, to bring all those producers under one umbrella and bring their finest products to your door with minimum effort on your part."

They are seeking to keep their environmental impact to a minimum and they do not keep stock but only order when the client orders. This ensures all their products are as fresh as they can be. From February 15 they will introduce an electric bike to their delivery fleet, in collaboration with Nestrans, to help gradually extend their delivery from Aberdeen City to further afield in Aberdeenshire.

They have recently partnered up with Track Genesis, another local start-up, and they will be integrating a new technology called blockchain. Track Genesis’ blockchain technology will be rolled out to a few of their products first before then expanding to their whole range.

Ramona added: "This technology will allow us to fully digitize every step of the supply chain. This might sound a little extravagant, but it’s a great step in the transparency that we hope to embody as a company. Having a digitized supply chain will allow any of our customers to access any and all information about their food whenever they wish. This unique system can work in seconds, using a smartphone or clicking on a link - you don’t even need to install an app."

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