How we can help

Our expert team is here to help your business get the intelligence it needs to grow.

We can help in a number of different fields, which include:

  • Customer research
  • Staff engagement
  • Branding & communications research
  • Public policy evaluation
  • Economic impact analysis
  • Sector research
Customer research

Customer research

Customer relationship, customer service and customer loyalty research can all make a big difference to your bottom line and we help companies to measure and track key performance measures.

In addition, we help to identify and understand the key drivers that influence satisfaction.

We deliver research that helps you understand how your customers view your business.

  • Brand and product awareness
  • Share of wallet
  • Strategic market segmentations
  • Usage & attitude surveys
  • Buying behaviour
  • Supplier relationships
  • Tracking performance & service standards
  • Customer gap analysis

In particular, we help businesses to:

  • Work out product/service use, attitudes and behaviours.
  • Identify fundamental needs and motivations, and establish how well the product/service offer is aligned.
  • Investigate the decision-making process – the triggers, drivers and barriers across multiple stakeholder groups.
  • Focus targeting by providing commercially strategic and value-led customer and market segmentation models. 
  • Provide insightful, practical recommendations on how to maximise sales and maintain client retention among key priority segments.

Our research has been used to inform growth strategies and understand growth prospects.

Importantly it is also used to understand where key relationships need to be maintained to retain market share.

Staff engagement

Staff engagement

There is a proven link between employee satisfaction, engagement and customer satisfaction.

Supported and motivated employees provide a better service to your customers, increased efficiency and improved business results.  

Employee engagement studies explore factors that motivate employees to “go the extra mile” and give them a vested interest in their organisation’s success.

Our staff engagement research is based on a model which is simple but comprehensive

Our staff engagement research is based on a model which is simple but comprehensive

Whereas employee satisfaction looks at drivers like pay and job security, employee engagement looks into professional development, personal accomplishment, the work/life balance and ability to influence the company’s direction.

"The staff survey process was very good. Excellent customer service.

I absolutely loved how easy it was to view the survey results. Can't wait to use AGCC again next year for our staff survey."

Mairi Martin, Director of HR and L&D, Cornerstone

Our staff engagement surveys will provide you with both detailed analysis and high-level information which managers can use to help create an engaged workforce and will provide an understanding of:

  • Employee needs
  • Actions supporting improved engagement
  • Actions supporting employee retention
  • Developing and encouraging engagement to achieve high levels of customer service

We can provide as much support as you need following your survey, whether delivering feedback presentations to employee groups, facilitating action planning workshops, or helping managers to tackle the key issues identified in their areas.

By using the research, you can benefit from improved productivity and performance.

“An excellent service in which Chamber staff sought to understand our needs and ensure that these were met.”

Malcolm McNeil, Grampian Housing Association
Branding & comms

Branding & communications

How does your brand appear to the outside world? How effective are your brand communications?

In today’s highly competitive market place, strategy defines the success of a brand.

A strong strategy can increase brand awareness, increase sales, improve brand equity and build the brand. 

The strategy you implement must be compelling, appealing and distinctive.  

The proposition must also be consistently supported through your brand communications, to your external customers, internal customers and stakeholders.

We give clients the competitive edge by helping them to understand how their branding strategies, products and services can be developed and improved.

We can support an existing PR or communications agency to undertake this research.

Our brand, marketing and communications research services include:

  • Corporate reputation research
  • Brand, advertising and media evaluation
  • Communications and advertising research (i.e. pre and post testing advertising awareness studies)
  • Concept testing
  • Product, packaging and pricing
  • Segmentation of audiences & target groups
  • Internal/employee communications
Public policy

Public policy evaluation

The development of public policy does not end with the authorisation of legislation.

The important question is whether the initiative achieved its objectives, what the results were and whether any adjustments to policy are required. 

Policy evaluation can satisfy these questions. 

Delivering service evaluations and impact assessments throughout the public sector can assist in recognising the value of investments and the areas of future priority.

Understanding what works is critical in shaping the way services are delivered.  Their real worth, however, lies in developing a detailed knowledge of best practice. 

We have undertaken a range of evaluation studies focused on informing future planning and delivery, alongside meeting statutory requirements to provide evidence of outputs and outcomes.

Using our expertise and understanding of the customer's experience in a range of contexts, coupled with our expert policy knowledge, we are able to offer comprehensive evaluation programmes that add significant value across the following policy areas:

  • Schools, education & training
  • Children, young people & families
  • Work & employment
  • Social & political attitudes
  • Health & wellbeing
  • Communities & citizenship
  • Third sector & social investment
  • Sport & leisure activity
  • Environment
  • Transport
Economic impact

Economic impact analysis

Insight can help to inform your priorities, develop your case to investors and measure how well your initiatives perform.

Our senior management team has a long track record in undertaking robust assessments of the socio-economic impacts of organisations, projects, events and assets including visitor attractions, commercial or residential developments and other investments.

We offer a comprehensive and flexible package of economic analysis and research support across a range of service areas:

  • Appraising and evaluating cultural, tourism, sports and leisure projects.
  • Strategic & business planning
  • Community development projects
  • Area regeneration plans and projects
  • Initiatives to develop business competitiveness
  • Project & programme evaluation
  • Economic impact of business sectors, standalone interventions or business activities
Sector research

Sector research

Perspective is everything. You don't do business in a vacuum.

You’re competing in a multifaceted environment incorporating technology, supply chains, skilled workers, accounting standards, competitors, and a diverse range of regulators.

Our industry-focused sector reports are designed to anticipate and address your business needs:

  • Oil & gas research,
  • North East Business Week research
  • City Retail study
The Chamber's oil & gas survey monitors trends in the industry twice a year

The Chamber's oil & gas survey monitors trends in the industry twice a year


“Very professional, adaptable, willing and good to work with.”

Grampian Food Forum

There are opportunities to sponsor this type of research, so please contact us if you are interested in growing your brand profile in any particular sector. 

“Really professional management and guidance provided, including after official services ended.”

Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organization (UK) (OPITO)
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