Using best practice techniques will ensure a steady flow of new business. Ensuring your key accounts are professionally managed is essential for maximum profitability is to be achieved. Today’s Account Manager needs a clearly defined, timely and dynamic approach to the planning process, not just for the present but especially for the future. This programme looks at key, strategic and operational processes that will enable delegates to get the account management strategy right and develop the skills needed to do it.

What will you learn?
  • An introduction to sales and the sales process;
  • How to negotiate and close sales;
  • An understanding of key account management strategic principles and practice;
  • Techniques for achieving your account goals and objectives;
  • A broader understanding of how people behave and the impact on buying decisions;
  • A tool kit of practical ideas to manage and develop your key accounts to their full potential

Who is it for?
Anyone involved in sales or business development who may be new to the role or has never had any formal training or even as an enthusiastic refresher.

Date doesn’t suit?
If this course is of interest but the date doesn’t work for you, contact and we’ll try and accommodate your needs.  Alternatively, we can organise a tailored course or programme for your business, enhancing the expertise, productivity and performance of your teams, giving your business a competitive advantage.  We’ll make sure the content and format are right for you.
Please note that payment is due when booking.  Invoicing is only possible on immediate payment terms after receipt of a valid PO number (if applicable).

Virtual Classroom via Zoom

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