Learn how to plan and deliver engaging, purposeful and enjoyable meetings.
We can all improve our everyday meetings and group discussions by using some of the basic processes and methods employed by professional facilitators.  Make frustrating, time-wasting or directionless meetings into a thing of the past.  This is a hands on, practical workshop where we encourage you to work on real-life examples.
What Will You Learn?
Get set for success:
  • Learn how to create the conditions for full participation
  • Use scalable planning templates and process notes
  • Develop an understanding of content, process & emotion and how they interconnect

Be effective in the room:
  • Understand the distinct roles of chairman, delegate and facilitator, and how to balance them
  • Learn how to take the pulse of a meeting for pace, process and purpose
  • How to tweak for teleconferencing by using additional checks and techniques

Ensure accurate capture & outputs by
  • Managing the flipchart
  • Taking accurate minutes
  • Checking for buy-in
  • Assigning actions & outputs
Who is it For?
Anyone who regularly hosts or chairs meetings and would like to improve their skills. 
This course is also an excellent introduction to facilitative practice and would also suit anyone looking to develop their understanding and delivery of facilitated delivery practice.

Please note that payment is due at the time of booking. Invoicing is only possible on immediate payment terms after receipt of a valid purchase order number (if applicable).

Virtual Classroom via Zoom

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