Digital transformation isn’t about using new technology; it’s about changing the way you work. It’s about how an organisation adapts to change, develops skills to drive innovation and reinvents itself to maximise opportunities. Change can be hard; however, leaders must be willing to accept change in order to remain competitive, or risk extinction if they can’t adapt to this ever-changing environment.
Digital transformation only needs to happen once because, at its core, it means becoming more adaptive to change itself. And that’s the tricky part. The words ‘digital’, ‘transformation’ and ‘strategy’ can paralyse a company before they even get started.  Achieving momentum, however small, is essential to move forward.
The why
The morning session will examine the challenge of transformation, breaking it down for all those needing to better understand, implement and lead digital transformation in the workplace.
The how
The afternoon session will set aside traditional thinking and outdated strategies to explain what steps need to be taken and introduce a range of (digital) native tools for an organisation to reinvigorate its game plans, build organisational velocity and establish iterative working. 
This course now includes a Design Sprint 3.0™ taster from Design Sprint Academy™.
What you will learn
Effective change
  • Investing in digital capabilities and leading the transformation – fast, focused and flexible
  • How to challenge the status quo and help your organisations adapt
  • Aligning the end-state aspiration, value of transformation and delivery plan
Organisational culture
  • Learn how to create a culture, environment and structure to move fast, continually adapt and innovate with intention
  • Develop workforce skills, new ways of working and challenge ‘the way we’ve always done it’
  • Build organisational momentum – enabling, adaptive and execution
Flexible technology
  • Integrations: key technology enablers
  • Understand social, mobile, analytics, cloud and other emerging technologies
  • Driving innovative uses of technology to better meet user needs
Service/product delivery
  • Understand the pace of change influencing product lifecycle
  • The role of digital for delivering services and supporting staff
  • How to support teams to think critically about how they work, and what they could do better

Data informed
  • Data informed vs data driven - robust, objective and real-time decision making
  • Getting data security and privacy right now builds trust points that will be required in the future
  • How to foster and actively support data informed decision-making within organisations and among colleagues
Introduction to digital native processes:
  • Who are the digital natives/immigrants and their different challenges.
  • The restless, curious organisation and the value of fresh perspective
  • Empowering invention
  • Learning culture – fixed and growth mindsets
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Service design
  • Design-led thinking
  • Design Sprint 3.0™ (Design Sprint Academy™)
  • Agile (scrum)
  • The Helix
Who it is for?
This course is ideal for those in a senior position within any sector and anyone with an appetite for meaningful change.
We can tailor a programme for your needs with our in-house training courses making them focused, consistent and relevant to your business needs.


Please note that payment is due at the time of booking. Invoicing is only possible on immediate payment terms after receipt of a valid purchase order number (if applicable).

Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce
The Hub, Exploration Drive
Aberdeen Energy Park
Bridge of Don
AB23 8GX
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