A positive, impactful appraisal can be a transformational experience in an employee’s career development, motivating them to achieve success in the coming months.  Learn how to deliver a positive impact on your team by creating effective appraisals.
Why this course?
Many of us find delivering appraisals or reviews uncomfortable in the extreme, maybe because there are difficult conversations to be had, or we’re just not sure what to say.  Or perhaps your workload is making effective preparation so arduous that don’t do yourself or your team justice, so you stick to safe, but uninspiring feedback. 
This course will take you through all the tools & techniques you need to plan, prepare and deliver an effective appraisal with purpose and meaning for everyone involved.
What you will learn
  • How to plan for success
    • The importance of a respectful & compassionate appraisal
    • Connecting individual performance and organisational drivers.
    • Guiding appraisees to see where they fit within your organisation and how they make a difference.
  • Preparing for the Appraisal
    • Creating a plan for purposeful conversation
    • Preparing for risks and reaction
  • Controlling the Conversation
    • Encouraging open discussion
    • Delivering a balanced appraisal
    • Difficult feedback, disagreement and resistance
    • Handling expressed emotion
  • Making it stick
    • Co-creating objectives
    • Getting buy in
    • Measuring success

Who it is for?
Managers, supervisors and HR professionals involved in the appraisal process.

We can tailor a programme for your needs, our in-house training courses make them focused, consistent and relevant to your business requirements, they can also incorporate your appraisal forms and processes.

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Course duration:  1 day


Please note that payment is due at the time of booking. Invoicing is only possible on immediate payment terms after receipt of a valid purchase order number (if applicable).

Online via Zoom

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