One-day course
This session is aimed at helping sales and marketing teams maximise sponsorship revenue from events & conferences by making yourself and your organisation highly desirable to key players. Through a combination of great research, best sales practice and the exploration of a client-led approach involving the client perspective and those of your client’s client, we can maximise sponsorship sales for your organisation while obtaining the greatest results for your clients.
What you will learn
  • What makes an effective sponsorship seller?
    • Understand the essential attitude, skills and knowledge required
    • Uncover the key questions you’ll need to address in your strategy
    • The do’s and don’ts – why most organisations fail to attract and retain sponsorship
  • Understanding the sponsorship market
    • Why do companies undertake to sponsor organisations?
    • Why is sponsorship a powerful marketing and business development tool
    • What business objectives can be achieved through sponsorship
  • Developing your proposition
    • What do you have to offer now?
    • Crafting a compelling proposition
    • Creating a new approach
  • Attractive valuation and Pricing
    • Identify your sponsorship values
    • How and when to present the price
    • Deal with objections
  • Client Experience
    • What does the sponsorship allow the client to do?
    • Understanding the brand values of the client
    • Managing Client expectations
    • Stepping into the mind of the client with journey mapping 
  • Prospect Management
    • Finding the right prospects and asking the right questions
    • Developing a BD plan/strategy
    • Identifying high value prospects
    • Conducting the right research
    • Approaching a prospect
    • Attracting prospects – inbound enquiries
    • Meeting prospects
  • Closing the Sale
    • The difference between key facts documents, opportunity documents and proposals.
    • Reading buying signals
    • Provoking action
    • Overcome classic objections
  • Relationship Management
    • The mindset, tools and techniques for effectively managing and servicing sponsor relationships
    • Corporate Partners workshop
    • The sales cycle and motivating your tear
  • Organisation Impact
    • Alignment with buyers/clients’ expectations and needs
    • Increased understanding why association/branding is important to buyers
    • Strategic planning to ensure a sustainable buying cycle
    • Development of creative and compelling sponsorship packages that align to client objectives
    • Deal with objections, particularly in terms of pricing and timing
Who it is for?
This course is ideal for Sales directors, sales managers, key account managers, field sales, telesales, event & corporate managers, marketing professionals

Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce
The Hub, Exploration Drive
Aberdeen Energy Park
Bridge of Don
AB23 8GX
Availability Places available
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