Everyday, we are interacting with people of vastly different cultures, beliefs and experiences, so how can we get it right? We need to become aware of our own communication style, to learn from every situation, every person we interact with and every intuition we have.

This highly interactive course concentrates on both the process of (how) and the interpersonal influences on (why) we communicate.  From first impressions, establishing rapport to understanding the many motivational influences on individual behaviour, self awareness will be raised and techniques developed to ensure that the outcome sought is achieved, decision making is improved and positive relationships built and maintained.
What will you learn?
  • Methods of communication
  • Communication style and pitfalls
  • How to achieve effective communication
  • Different types of personalities
  • Non-verbal Communication
  • Observation and questioning skills
  • Appreciation of why people behave in the way they do
  • How to deal with different situations
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Difference between passive, assertive and aggressive approaches
  • Development of techniques to positively influence others
  • Reflection and action planning
Organisational Impact
  • Builds effective communication & interpersonal skills
  • Enhanced understanding of matching required communication style to any situation
  • Identify personality types
  • Better connection between colleagues
  • Improved decision making
  • Identify and adapt to different communication styles
  • Develops individual behaviour resulting in increased positive relationships
  • Greater ability to handle difficult situations
  • Detect possible conflict and minimise its impact

Who is it for?
The importance of being able to communicate positively and effectively, at all levels, is crucial for the on-going success of any organisation. This course will benefit anyone who is actively seeking to gain a deeper insight into their own communication style and wanting to positively influence others and build positive on-going relationships.

Date doesn’t suit?
If this course is of interest but the date doesn’t work for you, contact training@agcc.co.uk and we’ll try and accommodate your needs.  Alternatively, we can organise a tailored course or programme for your business, enhancing the expertise, productivity and performance of your teams, giving your business a competitive advantage.  We’ll make sure the content and format are right for you.
Please note that payment is due when booking.  Invoicing is only possible on immediate payment terms after receipt of a valid PO number (if applicable).

Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce
The Hub, Exploration Drive
Aberdeen Energy Park
Bridge of Don
AB23 8GX
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