By certifying the origin of goods, we help to reduce the possibility that overseas customs authorities stop British shipments – helping to ensure the smooth passage of UK goods across international borders. Last year alone, more than 600,000 shipments were supported in this way.

We are proud to be part of an accredited network of more than 350 specialists in the UK, who are on hand every working day to help business and international trade to flourish.

Thanks to our deep local roots and respected brand, we remain a crucial and trusted third party for businesses who want to expand overseas or bring components and goods into the UK.

We can offer:

EC Certificates of Origin – these are customs clearance requirements to evidence the origin of the goods involved in a shipment.

EUR1 Movement Certificates - these support claims for preferential (usually zero) rates of duty in the country of implementation. They are like a discount voucher for an importer, usually applied for by the exporter. To qualify, the goods must ‘originate’ in the UK (subject to specific trade agreements, some EU content may be allowed). The preference system only applies to countries where certain trade agreements exist with the EU before the end of any Brexit transition period or for new UK Trade Agreements thereafter.

Arab-British Certificates of Origin – a customs clearance requirement to evidence the origin of the goods and may also be requested by the importing company. These may be used for Arab League States.

A.TR Movement Certificate – these entitle goods which are in ‘free circulation’ in the EU (the goods are EU-originating, or on importation into the EU all relevant duties and taxes have been paid) to receive preferential import duty when shipped to Turkey. This applies to all eligible goods except agricultural goods, minerals and steel, which require an EUR1.