International Markets

We can advise you on all aspects of international trade in economies around the world. Our global network is there to support our members and help them succeed in overseas markets.



We provide business advice to support market entry and export initiatives with access to a global network of expertise. We can also help with online export documentation and processing services.

Information on different markets around the world is provided through a programme of events and seminars as well as one-to-one meetings.

Inward trade missions to Aberdeen generate significant new business opportunities for North-east companies, while overseas trade missions provide comprehensive practical information and insights into foreign markets.

North-east companies export to over 120 countries around the world

We connect business people across the global Chamber network.

Keep an eye on our opportunities page which can be found along the tabs at the top. Here you will find the latest updates on trade missions and opportunities provided by the Chamber, our members, and other organisations. 


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Export Britain

Export Britain, the online resource from the British Chambers of Commerce, showcases opportunities in key international markets, and links UK exporters to support available from British Chambers and business groups both in the UK and around the world.

The site also helps growing and prospective exporters navigate through the export journey by signposting the support available every step of the way.

International trade and documentation latest updates: 

Arab-British Chamber of Commerce

During this time, the ABCC is operating a limited service to continue to support the exporting community.

It will continue to receive documents at the ABCC by:

· Parcelforce

· Post (please provide a stamped and addressed envelope for return)

· Electronically through A-cert and E-cert

Embassies are currently operating on a sporadic timetable, hence legalisation of documents will take slightly longer than usual to process.

In the case of a wide-span embassy closure, we will operate a certification only service. On this occasion, the importer and exporter must ensure that certified-only documents will suffice.

We will continue to update you on any new developments as and when they arise.

Egyptian-British Chamber of Commerce

As it stands, the Chamber is open as usual with reduced staff; we have now implemented a twice per week certification process on Tuesday and Thursday of each week to ensure an undisrupted service and to guarantee the safety and well-being of our staff. 

Please note effective from May 1, 2020 EBCC will increase the certification fees by £1.00 per document. Its online certification system will automatically update to the correct pricing on this day. 


Global guides Consultancy


Our international trade consultants provide members with more hands-on and advanced support on market entry planning, strategic review of overseas planning, setting up export marketing function as well as how to export.

This is a highly relevant service at an attractive rate for companies looking at inward or outward trade & investment

Browse our consultants’ profiles and find the expertise that suits your needs, and contact 

Catherine Truel
Catherine Truel

Catherine is a director of Intl Trade Instrument Ltd, a consultancy helping companies manage Global Trade and Customs Compliance, Duty and Cost Reductions to control effectively Global Trade decisions and obligations.

The ability to adapt to new compliance, security and administrative government requirements means less exposure to penalties, a reduction in clearance delays, more predictability, better costs control and the maximisation of duty/tax savings.

Areas of expertise:- Import/Export Compliance, Export Control and Trade Embargoes, Customs Compliance (Classification, Valuation, Procedures and Origin), Authorised Economic Operator (AEO). Administrative and Documentation Compliance. Trade Finance Compliance, Supply Chain Compliance. Prevention audits, process improvement, mapping of risks for new transactions and regulatory monitoring. - Duty reduction and cost savings to remove avoidable costs from global trade transactions: Customs Duty Relief Regimes (IPR, OPR, End-Use, Temporary Import & Export, Customs Warehousing…), Trade Agreements, Preference, Origin management, other duty and cost reduction methods and Best Practices available worldwide.

Chamber Customs



Customs declarations are enormously important and a necessity for all businesses that import and export goods.


To give some idea of the scale, around 180,000 UK businesses only trade within the EU, 68,000 only trade outside the EU and 73,000 trade in both. Being outside the customs union will mean that imports into the UK from the EU will be treated the same as those from the rest of the world. They will shift from being goods in free circulation within the EU, to imports subject to duty and VAT.

From December 31, 2020 the number of customs declarations made by traders is forecast to increase from 55 million to around 300 million every year. Businesses that import or export goods will need to complete a lot more administration when clearing goods through UK ports.

ChamberCustoms is the customs brokerage service from Chambers of Commerce in the UK. It’s different from other brokerage services by harnessing the reach, expertise and knowledge of the Chamber network to offer an unbeatably fast, reliable and compliant service. 

The only customs broker in the country to offer a ‘one stop shop’ with direct links to all sea, air and road ports and terminals in the UK, the Chamber will help you keep control while we do the hard stuff, acting in your best interests every time. 

The team in Aberdeen are ready to respond to increased demand for compliant-led services with an HMRC compliant service that you can trust.

Q: What are customs declarations and why is it so important that businesses get them right?

A: Customs declarations are forms which are used to accompany goods that are entering or leaving a market. They’re used internationally to communicate the origin of the product and its relevant tariff, to allow customs and regulatory authorities to calculate what duty is payable and understand applicable restrictions. They are crucial because they enable authorities to know where goods are coming from or going to, in order to control the flow of goods, ensure the safety and security of the country and collect the correct duty.

Q: What is ChamberCustoms?

A: It’s a customs brokerage service, run by your local Chamber of Commerce. In the aftermath of the Brexit referendum, the amount of paperwork required to import and export goods from overseas will increase in both volume and complexity. The dedicated team of experts at your local Chamber of Commerce can be trusted to have the expertise and knowledge to help traders to keep on trading.

Q: Why is ChamberCustoms unique?

A: Put simply, we’re unique because we have direct relationships with every port in the UK. This means we don’t need to rely on any third parties to clear goods for import and export. Most other customs brokers have to rely on third parties to offer a fully national service, exposing you to a loss of control and potentially effecting the accuracy, speed and cost of their service. It can also expose traders to penalties from the tax authorities.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Unlike other customs brokers our pricing structure is completely transparent. We charge a small fee to process your declaration directly through HMRC, plus a fixed 10% handling charge for the port fees which we will pay on your behalf.

Q: Do I have to be a member of my local Chamber of Commerce to use the service?

A: No. The service is open to all businesses who import or export goods.

Q: I’m interested in learning more – what do I do next?

A: Go to for more information