Export Documents

Export Documentation

We can help with export documentation and processing services.

As an existing exporter, you have developed a successful product and now you have to deliver your goods on time and receive payment quickly.

This can be a simple process when you know how but understanding which document is required for each shipment to each destination can be difficult.

Our expert documentation team can give support, guidance and make the whole documentation process as straightforward as possible.

"The export documentation team at the Chamber provides a great service to us.

They are accurate, efficient, friendly and their knowledgeable approach means they are always a pleasure to deal with."

Kevin Dinnes, procurement manager, Baker Hughes

Documentation support

We provide a documentation processing service for

  • EC Certificate of Origin
  • Arab British Certificates of Origin
  • EUR1
  • A.TR

We can also arrange for documents to be legalised either at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office or at an embassy.

The majority of our documents are processed online.

Letter of credit 

Importing and exporting involves risks. Exporters run the risk of buyers failing to pay for goods, while importers may risk paying but never receiving anything. Because of the distances involved, it may be difficult to resolve any disputes.

One way of reducing the risks is to use a letter of credit. This can offer a guarantee to the seller that they will be paid, and the buyer can be sure that no payment will be made until they receive the goods.

We offer a comprehensive letter of credit service on two levels

  • Full preparation of all documents and presentation to the bank
  • Examination of your documents prior to presentation to the bank

Online applications can be made through tradecert.com.

Letters of Introduction

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia requires that all introduction letters provided by applicants to support their applications for Commercial, Working or Business Visas for Saudi Arabia must be authenticated by your local Chamber of Commerce on original letter-headed paper.

In the last six months, we have issued over 150 Saudi Arabian visa introductions.

Coretrax regularly use the Chamber to certify documents when applying for visas to Saudi Arabia.

This is an extremely quick and easy process taking only a few minutes to complete.

The staff at the Chamber have always been very helpful and friendly during this process.

Going directly to the Chamber has also proved to be the most cost effective method for certifying documents.

I would recommend this service to anyone applying for Saudi Arabian visas.

Roisin Corrigall, Administrator, Coretrax

Exporting news

May 25, 2017

Holy month of Ramadan - May 27 to around June 23

The Arab British Chamber of Commerce and Embassies will be on reduced hours during the holy month of Ramadan. At the end of the holy month of Ramadan, they will be closed for several days.

Please allow extra time for legalisation of your documents.

Mar 7, 2017

WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement Reduces Red Tape for Exporters

Countries that have ratified the TFA will be able to facilitate smoother faster trade flow and fast track perishable goods. The agreement allows pre-arrival processing of documentation using copies rather than originals and provides the right to appeal customs decisions. The online publication of fees and charges will be required.

For more information read the European Commision press release.

Jun 27, 2016

Origin documents

Following the referendum result to leave the EU, we can confirm there are no immediate changes to the issuance of either EU Certificates of Origin or HMRC preference documents.

We will keep you informed of developments as they occur. If you have any queries, contact our expert team

Mar 22, 2016

Letters of Introduction for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Visas

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia advises that as of March 29 2016, all introduction letters provided by the applicants to support their applications for Commercial, Working or Business Visas must now be authenticated by your local Chamber of Commerce on original letter-headed paper.  

Mar 17, 2016

Document legalisation
The Turkish consulate stops legalising documents from March 18.
Turkey is a member of The Hague Convention and as such is now enforcing that agreement.

Under this agreement, documents requiring legalisation can be sent to the FCO for apostille.

March 2, 2016

Signature validation

A new procedure has been put in place for validating a signature on Electronic Health Certificates and Certificates of Free Sale.

The certificate must have a green tick on it with the words ‘Signature Verified’, otherwise the Chamber cannot process it.

We will require the exporters authorised signatory on the back of the form and, if not already on the document, the company name and address.

The exporter will need to take steps with the issuing department to validate the certificate.

Feb 26, 2016

Egyptian certificates

We have been advised that all certificates of origin and invoices for Egypt that state origin of goods need legalising by the Egyptian Consulate.

Read all the details.