Overseas opportunities

Chamber research has shown that more than half of its members (56%) currently export, which is significantly higher than the UK average of a third (32%).

Six out of ten businesses in our region are aiming to grow their sales internationally

We can provide information about opportunities around the world to help achieve this ambition.

Chamber Opportunities:

Abu Dhabi Trade Mission

November 2017

Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with Scottish Chambers of Commerce Network, invites you to join our trade mission to ADIPEC 2017 organised as a result of the Abu Dhabi downstream petrochemical visit to the Chamber last year.

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Other opportunities:

Supply of services and products to the drilling sector in Mexico

The DIT (Department for International Trade)  Oil & Gas team in Mexico City has been approached by a local provider of drilling services with a request to identify potential suppliers of services and products to the drilling sector.

Items required include:

  • primary and secondary emulsifiers for invert emulsion
  • special LCM (Lost Circulation Materials. Polymerics, preferably)
  • organophilic clay
  • clay inhibitors
  • polymers Pac (Cellulosic Polyanionic) R, Pac HV, PPG (Propylene Glycol)
  • directional drilling
  • cementing
  • registers
  • production packers
  • hangers
  • acid stimulation

If your company or a company that you work with have an interest in the above opportunity or if they would like further information, please email Chris Wall copying the email to Mariana.Garay@fco.gov.uk