Overseas opportunities

Chamber research has shown that more than half of its members (56%) currently export, which is significantly higher than the UK average of a third (32%).

Six out of ten businesses in our region are aiming to grow their sales internationally

We can provide information about opportunities around the world to help achieve this ambition.

Chamber Opportunities:

There are no overseas opportunities with the Chamber at this moment in time.

Other opportunities:

South African Delegation Roundtable

May, 26, Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce

Join Edinburgh Chamber to hear from representatives of the Ministry of Economic Opportunities and Wesgro about Trade and Investment opportunities with Western Cape.

The aim of this roundtable is to forge stronger trade and investment relations by showcasing and promoting Western Cape's services, in particular:

  • Financial Services
  • ICT
  • Tourism
  • Agro-processed goods, Investment projects in agro-processing
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Renewable energy and oil and gas, among others.

Speakers at this event include;

  • MEC Alan Winde, Provincial Ministry of Economic Opportunities
  • Vuyolwethu Njalo, Head of Ministry at Ministry of Economic Opportunities
  • Denan Kuni, Head of Wesgro Trade Promotion Unit
  • James Milne, Head of Wesgro Investment Promotion Unit
  • Michael Matongo, Wesgro - International Trade: Europe and Special Project

Find out more here.


PEMEX seeks partner to develop shallow water fields in the GoM

The National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH) recently launched a farm-out process for one contractual shal­low water area in the Gulf of Mexico, which encompasses the Ayin-Batsil fields. The area is comprised by two existing  development wells and 10 exploratory wells, with an estimated surface of 1,096 km² and projected 3P reserves of 300MMboe.

 The opening of proposals will take place on June 19 2017, in which CNH will formally appoint a partner for PEMEX in order to develop the Ayin-Batsil fields. As explained by local pundits, the energy reform has granted the State Productive Enterprise legal association mechanisms, which will allow PEMEX to share technological and financial risks with other companies.

This process will be held in parallel to Round 2.1, in which 15 Production Sharing Agreements for shallow wa­ter blocks will be auctioned.

The opening of proposals will take place on June 19, 2017.

Renewable Energy Opportunity

Britcham Business Mexico member Carbon Trust, who, through their office in Mexico, are working with the Mexican public sector to explore business opportunities related to:

The wind power value chain (which can be anything – including maintenance services with the only exception being wind turbines).  Smart Grids technology in general (this can include, but is not limited to: Advanced metering infrastructure; Supervisory control and data acquisition; and Protection & switching equipment)

They are looking to find British companies who may have something to offer to develop projects with the states. For more information please see flyer.

Interested? Write to laura.atkinson@britishbusiness.mx, briefly explaining your offer and Laura will put you in touch with Carbon Trust.

Supply of services and products to the drilling sector in Mexico

The DIT (Department for International Trade)  Oil & Gas team in Mexico City has been approached by a local provider of drilling services with a request to identify potential suppliers of services and products to the drilling sector.

Items required include:

  • primary and secondary emulsifiers for invert emulsion
  • special LCM (Lost Circulation Materials. Polymerics, preferably)
  • organophilic clay
  • clay inhibitors
  • polymers Pac (Cellulosic Polyanionic) R, Pac HV, PPG (Propylene Glycol)
  • directional drilling
  • cementing
  • registers
  • production packers
  • hangers
  • acid stimulation

If your company or a company that you work with have an interest in the above opportunity or if they would like further information, please email Chris Wall copying the email to Mariana.Garay@fco.gov.uk