International Network

The International Network is for members who are considering entering the global arena, or who are looking at new and different overseas markets. Membership focuses on growing an individual business’s international strategy.

For an annual fee, your company unlocks access to resources and contacts worth thousands of pounds.

We estimate the average value for each member who uses all the services and benefits to be at least £2,000.

It offers a specific package with an emphasis on access to networks and advice, to research, intelligence and data, as well as additional exporting support.

We can advise you on all aspects of international trade in economies around the world and help you find success in overseas markets.

To find out more about the benefits of being a member of the International Network, contact internationaltrade@agcc.co.uk

Knowing the right person

Knowing the right person is important when entering new markets. 

Being a member of the International Network unlocks access to key players across the world.

The Ghana president John Dramani Mahama talks with a Chamber audience earlier this year

The Ghana president John Dramani Mahama talks with a Chamber audience earlier this year

  • Assessment of opportunities through support from our dedicated international team
  • Market insight through consultations with relevant regional and sector experts
  • Introductions through our worldwide business-to-business networks and the British Chambers of Commerce International Business Network
  • Introduction to exportbritain.org.uk, the business support overseas search specialist
  • Free consultation with the UK Export Finance team
  • Introductions to legal and accounting services for international trade including IP, licensing and distribution agreements
  • Support with overseas joint ventures, providing on-the-ground marketing support and access to regional satellite offices
  • Access to in-country partners
  • Discounted spaces on outward trade missions to the world’s biggest and fastest-growing markets
  • Invitations to meet with inbound mission delegates to generate business connections and opportunities
  • One free place at each international trade lunch ‘n’ learn
  • Direct member-to-member engagement through a quarterly forum
  • Access to our restricted LinkedIn networking group for International Network members
One-to-one meetings with influential decision-makers are a key part of International Network membership

One-to-one meetings with influential decision-makers are a key part of International Network membership

Knowing the right information

Knowing the right information can save your business time and money. 

Being a member of the International Network directs you to the most up-to-date intelligence.

  • Access to an International Directory for an overview of the market and information on opportunities
  • Market snaphots
  • International licensing and distribution agreements
  • Updates from the British Chambers of Commerce reports and surveys into aspects of international trade, including the Quarterly International Trade Outlook and Quarterly Economic Survey
  • Invitations to relevant webinars with sector experts
  • Exclusive access to regional global reports
  • Exclusive access to individual country reports
  • Exclusive access to country-specific information
  • Discount on bespoke commissioned research
  • Sector research
The Chamber's export monitor shows trends in regional export activity

The Chamber's export monitor shows trends in regional export activity

Additional benefits

There are extensive additional benefits to being a member of the International Network.

  • Free foreign exchange health check
  • Save money on international payments with Moneycorp
  • Opportunity to display our ‘International Network’ logo on your marketing materials
  • Ad hoc support from your membership network manager and international trade team
  • Risk management support
  • Translation support
  • Discounted rates on sponsorship
  • Opportunity to enter the Northern Star Business Awards
Exporting expertise

We are an approved body authorised by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) for the issue of all non-preference EC Certificates of Origins and by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) for preference documents such as EUR1s and A.TR certificates. 

We are agents for the Arab British Chamber of Commerce for the issuing of Arab-British Certificates of Origin and the Egyptian British Chamber of Commerce and are a source for all other export-related documentation. 

We can:

  • Make arrangements for legal documents to be apostilled at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office or signed by a notary public
  • Provide an online document processing service, allowing exporters to apply for and receive certified Certificates of Origin, Movement Certificates and other export-related documentation electronically, improving speed, service, simplicity and accuracy
  • Provide on site documentation assistance
  • Provide priority for EC certificates
  • Provide a referral ATA carnets which act as passports for goods allowing temporary admission of goods avoiding the red tape and cash deposits that have to be paid otherwise. ATA carnets can be used for the following goods: (1) Commercial sample (2) Exhibition use / trade fair or similar events (3) Professional equipment
  • Provide unlimited free export documentation rejections
  • Provide half price shipping across the world with partners DHL
  • Arrange for documents to be legalised at an Embassy.

The majority of our documents are processed online.

Letter of credit

We offer a comprehensive letter of credit service on two levels

  • Full preparation of all documents and presentation to the bank
  • Examination of your documents prior to presentation to the bank
Developing Skills

Up to 50% discounted rates on our international training courses including :

  • Agents and Distributors                                                                                  
  • Customs Procedures, Documentation, IPR and OPR
  • Export and Rules of Origin      
  • Import Rules
  • Export Documentation
  • INCO Terms
  • Letters of Credit - methods of payment
  • Doing Business in the Middle East and understanding the Culture
  • Union Customs Code and Authorised Economic Operator      
  • Global Trade and Customs Compliance
  • Commodity Codes
  • HM Revenue and Customs END Use Awareness

We also offer the opportunity to achieve BCC Accreditation

Raise your profile

  • Company profile in our International Network
  • Opportunity to contribute blogs to the wider Chamber membership