20201013 AGCC NHV 013

The Chamber has provided valuable training support to our growing workforce as well as opportunities to make new business connections as we increase our presence in the region.

Jamie John, base manager, NHV Helicopters Ltd.
20201002 AGCC Donald Russell 009

We joined to feel connected with the local business community as well as better informed about the regional economy.

Chris Dunridge, head of HR and Development, Donald Russell Ltd
20201009 AGCC Goldstar 007

We joined to help grow our business. The Chamber has taken networking to a new level, connecting us with like-minded local organisations who want to build relationships and do business with us right now.

Scott Willox, director, Goldstar Services
20200930 Siberia 013

The practical support and political lobbying for business relief has been invaluable during the COVID crisis. We have a voice with policymakers at Westminster and Holyrood thanks to the Chamber.

Stuart McPhee, director, Siberia Bar & Hotel