Voting now open for Chamber Board and Policy Council elections May 19 2017 | the Chamber

 Nominations are now closed for AGCC Board and Policy Council nominations for this year.

Thanks are extended to all of those who put themselves forward and are now included on the Ballot Papers.

We asked for people who are as passionate about our aim of creating the buoyant, diversified regional economy that will enable our members and their employees to be more successful and prosperous, as we are.

Recent activities such as our lobbying on business rates, launching Buy North East, providing a positive narrative and bringing major events to the area demonstrate the difference that a proactive Chamber can make.

As non-executive directors, as well as providing strong governance, we ask Board members to bring sector expertise, use their networks to ‘open doors’, help with intelligence gathering and ensure we achieve our overall aims and targets.

We would particularly like to encourage nominees from the property, tourism, renewables, life sciences and skills sectors.

Policy Council members are expected to have a keen interest in the economic development of the region and to provide sector and geographic knowledge to assist AGCC in formulating, prioritising and reviewing our policy plan and activities.

We particularly encouraged nominations from people involved in businesses based in Aberdeenshire and those engaged in the hospitality, food and drink, renewables, life sciences and skills sectors.

We also remain keen to encourage our next generation of business leaders to get involved in both the Board and Council, helping to bring new perspectives.

As a privately funded, not-for-profit organisation these roles are, of course, unpaid but provide the opportunity to make a real difference as well as providing personal development and great networking opportunities.

You can find an overview of what it entails being on our Board here and for our Policy Council here.

All nominees are profiled in the ballot papers accessed via the emails that have been sent out to member companies. Each member organisation is entitled to complete one ballot paper for the Board and one ballot paper for the Council. Please exercise your right to vote.

Just to clarify, member companies have the right to one vote, regardless of how many individual contacts we have listed on our database. Please take some time to discuss with colleagues to ensure the votes cast represent the view of your organisation. If you have been sent the email and are not the most suitable person to cast the vote, please advise us and we will reissue the survey.

For your Board of Directors:

We have eight nominations for two places. You may vote for up to, but not more than, two of the nominees.

For your Policy Council:

We have twenty-six nominations for nine vacancies. You may vote for up to, but not more than, nine of the nominees.

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