The current coronavirus pandemic has presented businesses with a number of challenges, particularly around how to make the workplace a safe and secure environment for their workforce.

A major aspect of any workplace environment is the lighting which is an area where a health check of currently installed lighting could give firms the opportunity to deliver medium to long term cost benefits.

Modern, energy efficient LED lighting can help to transform work spaces. From industrial to commercial lighting, the energy saving benefits of replacing the traditional technologies of fluorescent or discharge lighting can be over 50%, along with the reduced cost of maintenance on current facilities.

Electric Center Aberdeen has a team of lighting design specialists who advise on replacing current lighting and the energy saving benefits that businesses can gain, whilst making sure that lighting is up to current standards and emergency regulations.

The local firm use the latest lighting design software, energy saving calculators and work with UK based supply partners to supply the latest luminaires with a long-life cycle and lengthy manufacturer’s guarantees.

To find out more about the services on offer contact Calvin Burnett ( who can arrange a survey to advise on energy saving opportunities and the health of current mains and emergency lighting.