Mediation and negotiation can keep disputes from reaching court Oct 11 2018 | University of Aberdeen

Disputes within the workplace and with clients or customers can be a drain on the resources (both time and money) of any organisation. Minimising their impact is therefore important. Techniques used in negotiation and mediation can lead to rapid and cost-effective resolution of even the most entrenched disputes.

For those cases which require a formal decision to be made, arbitration (an alternative to court) can offer certain key advantages, such as privacy, expertise and speed.

A seminar, delivered by Derek Auchie, School of Law at the University of Aberdeen, will discuss these processes, and some of the techniques used will be considered. Practical examples will be included.

Attendees will receive a certificate for one hour of continuing professional development (CPD) from the 2019 Scottish University of the Year.

To guarantee your place at this workshop, which is taking place at 8:00am on November 2, 2018 please register here

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