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  • Reducing complexity in the planning system - Part 1

    Reducing complexity in the planning system has been highlighted by Chamber members as crucial to breaking down barriers to growth and enabling delivery of our ambitious development plans.

  • Transparency and understanding of energy costs more vital than ever Jul 20 2017 | Roddie Barclay, director of JPR Energy

    Recent research by Santander has revealed bills have risen at twice the rate of inflation in the past decade. Gas and electricity costs are up more than 70%, with water prices having increased by 41%.

    7 common myths about R&D tax credits Jul 18 2017 | Ian Donaldson, business development manager, Jumpstart Ltd

    DESPITE an overall increase in uptake of the R&D tax relief scheme by UK businesses, it is clear that companies in certain regions are clearly not reaping the full benefits of the scheme.

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