Political Influence

Government decisions have an impact on all businesses and our Chamber is here to make your voice heard by those in power. We have direct access to the key decision-makers both in Holyrood and Westminster to make sure your views are heard.


The Chamber’s policy team works to ensure our members’ views on policy issues are represented at all levels of government.

Our approach is apolitical, balanced by our broad membership’s views and grounded on reputable research.

We work with politicians, civil servants and government departments, from local authorities to Holyrood and from Westminster to Brussels, in order to provide added value to our members.

All our campaigns are developed through engagement with members.

We do this work so you don't have to.

Take part in our politician and member engagement events or join our sector network groups or policy council.

Case in point: Business Rates

Starting in April 2017, there will be many changes in the taxes that business pay – among these are business rates.

The new revaluations have been published and many businesses in the North-east are facing increases on their business rates for 2017-2022, some of up to 200%+.

Are you in the same situation? Help us represent you as we ask for support from government. 

Will the revaluations have an impact on your business? • Let us know

Read more about this year's business rates revaluations in our factsheet or our brief policy summary.

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"I appreciate the comprehensive briefings that my colleagues and I receive from the Chamber, which often help me formulate the contributions that I make in Parliament.

It is great to see the AGCC policy team at many events in the North-east and beyond, acting as ambassadors and highlighting the needs of businesses in this region.

I am convinced that this person-to-person engagement does a great deal in promoting the policy priorities of AGCC and its members."

Kevin Stewart, MSP

You can read members' opinions on North-east business issues on our blog page and express your opinions in our discussion group.

If you'd like to contribute a specialist view, let us know