The referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union resulted in 52% voting in favour of leaving the European Union.

The Chamber is now focused on identifying the key business issues that members want to see addressed in the negotiations to come
EU briefing papers
The EU and Britain:

The EU is not just one set of member states with a shared boundary - there are many different levels of union. What is the Schengen area and who is part of the Euro-zone?

Read a brief explanation of Britain's membership in the EU. 


The referendum could profoundly change the conditions for trade with EU countries. Some possible outcomes are explored.

Oil and Gas:

Health and safety directives from the EU play an important role for oil and gas operations. Read more about potential impacts of the referendum on the industry.

Agriculture and fisheries:

The EU has an influence on the UK's food and drink sector through its regulation, funding and migration policies. 

Read our briefings on the possible outcomes of the referendum for food and drink, the CAP regime and the fisheries industry.

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