There is a proven link between employee satisfaction, engagement and customer satisfaction with supported and motivated employees providing a better service to your customers, increased efficiency and improved business results.

Employee engagement studies explore factors that motivate employees to go the extra mile and give them a vested interest in their organisation’s success.

Whereas employee satisfaction looks at drivers like pay and job security, employee engagement looks into professional development, personal accomplishment, the work/life balance and ability to influence the company’s direction.

Our staff engagement surveys will provide you with both detailed analysis and high-level information which managers can use to help create an engaged workforce and will provide an understanding of:

  • Employee needs
  • Actions supporting improved engagement
  • Actions supporting employee retention
  • Developing and encouraging engagement to achieve high levels of customer service

We can provide as much support as you need following your survey, whether delivering feedback presentations to employee groups, facilitating action planning workshops, or helping managers to tackle the key issues identified in their areas.

By using the research, you can benefit from improved productivity and performance.

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The staff survey process was very good. Excellent customer service. I absolutely loved how easy it was to view the survey results. Can't wait to use the Research Chamber again next year for our staff survey.

Mairi Martin, director of HR, learning and development, Cornerstone