Egg Lighting is passionate about reducing waste and as part of their contribution to reducing waste and associated carbon emissions they have developed a new light remanufacturing service. Instead of buying new lights costs, waste and carbon can be saved by remanufacturing existing light fitting to incorporate modern, high quality energy efficient LED lighting components.

Egg has been working with Aberdeenshire Council to refurbish emergency lighting and museum bulkhead lights that were over a decade old, the benefits are shown below.

Key statistics:

Emergency Bulk Head Lights - savings per light

Waste: -2.1kg

Carbon: -34.8kgCO2e

Cost: -£100

Efficiency: 61.4%

Museum Lights - savings per light

Waste: -0.9kg

Carbon: TBC

Cost: -£70

Efficiency: 280%

If you would like to find out more contact Brian O’Reilly at Egg Lighting