Speed Networking is a great way to grow your network and bring new business opportunities, keeping you well connected in the North-east.

Once you've grabbed a cuppa, take a seat and wait for the bell to ring for the first round. You'll be given around a minute to introduce yourself and tell the person opposite all about your business. At the halfway point the conversation will switch, and you'll be in the listening seat. The bell will ring and then you'll move on to meet somebody new.

Over the hour you'll continue to meet everybody one by one and there will be the opportunity to continue to network and talk to delegates in more length at the end, allowing you to connect with up to 50 delegates in a short time.

Our top tips for speed networking

Be prepared
There's not much time for small talk compared to our other networking events so make sure you prepare. Think about your sixty second pitch and perfect it! How are you going to deliver any messages you want to communicate in that short time. It might take a couple of attempts to perfect, but that's okay. Remember to bring your business cards and any other materials/brochures that you might want to hand over to the other delegates if they're interested.

Think about the end before you start
Before you even turn up, set yourself clear goals and objectives to use each time you're talking to another delegate. We'll send you a copy of the delegate list beforehand so think about how you could help them - referrals, products, services or advice.

Two ears and one mouth
Remember to ask questions and listen too - this will really let you understand what you can do to help. Focus on building relationships, not getting a quick sale.

Follow up
Take a notepad and pen and take notes throughout. Follow up shortly afterwards.

It gets pretty loud at a speed networking event and our delegates get a real buzz from connecting with so many others so enjoy the time; getting to know people, developing new business relationships and meeting in-person.

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