Acting as a ‘goods passport’, an ATA Carnet is the best way to temporarily take goods out of the UK and eliminates the need for customs declaration at border points. You’ll need this international customs document to allow your goods to travel duty and tax free across countries for up to one year.

What is an ATA Carnet?

The carnet is a temporary export document that is used primarily for goods being temporarily exported for display at trade fairs or exhibitions, and for professional equipment and samples. A carnet eliminates the need for a Customs declaration at border points and the deposit of a guarantee, bond, or cash deposit in the country of temporary importation.

It can be used for a trip covering more than one country and include numerous exits and re-entries in the country of origin during the period of validity of the document (i.e. one year). Temporary admission under cover of ATA carnets applies to goods, which will be re-exported in the same state in which they were imported (processing, repairs or modification of any items is not allowed).

Using the Chamber’s ATA Carnet service means:

  • You’ll not pay customs charges
  • Simplifies the customs clearance process
  • Removes the need for a customs declaration additional paperwork

In 2020, Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce became the first Chamber in Scotland to deliver the ATA Carnet service digitally. It was granted by London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the national guaranteeing organisation for ATA carnets in the UK. It represents the UK at the World ATA Carnet Council and is ultimately responsible for all Carnets issued from the UK.

Still have some questions?

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