Research is something we’ve got decades of experience of doing. However, the doing isn’t the most fun part for us, or the most important - it’s working out the right question and then answering it effectively.



Effective research involves asking the right questions of the right people. This will help you anticipate, understand and inform change and your influence future strategy. It transports you from where you are to where you want to be.

Within our team we have people who love to gather, interrogate and interpret data, before telling you a story in simple words about what it means and what you need to do with it.

As an extension to your team we’re here to deliver on our promises and fit to your business needs.

Let us worry about how we find the answer to your questions and be sure that by working with us you’ll get access to:

  • A team that has completed over 100 projects in the last three years

  • Expert staff who are registered with the Market Research Society

  • Great value – members receive a 50% reduction from commercial rates

  • People who can transform complex data into simple, insightful stories and make the process fun, exciting and engaging for you


Challenge us!

Ask us the question your business has always wanted answered.

The basis for every question we have answered since our inception has considered:

  1. How we can make the region work better for business and the population

We have a huge library of regional and sectoral data. If you want something ask us, but in the meantime look here as a starter

  1. How we can help companies grow, perform and achieve their goals

We deliver based on your company’s needs and budget. Your company is unique and so our research is customised for each and every client to make sure it is targeted to your objectives.

Questions we’ve answered before include:

  1. How engaged are our staff and how can we increase performance?
  2. Who are our customers and which groups can we generate more sales from?
  3. When a potential customer sees our brand what do they think?
  4. How big is our market place?
  5. Which new markets should we enter?
  6. How much does our business contribute to the local economy?