Focused research provides powerful insight into your staff, customers, competitors and stakeholders. It enables you to make better, more informed business decisions and ultimately gives you the edge.



Good research involves asking the right questions of the right people, while good strategy anticipates the future. It transports you from where you are to where you want to be.

That’s why we start from your business objectives and use our expertise to cut to the insights that give you a strategic vantage point. 

We challenge ourselves to offer clever consumer and business insights to inspire action throughout your organisation. 

Our research prioritises clients’ needs, to add direction and commercial value.

Our overall mission is to cut through the increasing clutter of market data and discover the real value of market information, allowing our clients to make faster and better market decisions.

Our research can be conducted in support of primary research methods, or in-depth interviews with employees, customers, competitors, suppliers, distributors, industry leaders and executives, government officials and relevant industry agencies, including trade associations; trade press and consumers.

10,000+ respondents to our online surveys

Secondary research can be sourced from published sources and may include blogs, social networks, press releases, news articles, advertising, published reports, databases, government filings, books, journals, letters and memos.  

The team at the Chamber of Commerce has a proven track record of providing a personal service to help you achieve your research aims.  

You get accurate and honest feedback from independent research conducted by our Market Research Society registered staff.

Our services are at prices which are accessible without compromising on quality, with generous member discount rates.

We know that no two businesses are the same, so get in touch and let us shape your research project.


We offer a bespoke approach which can be tailored to your organisation’s requirements, with a full complement of qualitative and quantitative techniques.

Areas of expertise

Qualitative Research

  • Depths and Groups (i.e.  Consumers, Businesses, Key Stakeholders (e.g. Media, Public Sector Representatives, Government Officials, etc.)
  • Workshops (i.e. Creative Consumer; Client / Consumer)
  • Ethnographic Research – (Accompanied and Observed)
  • Netnography (i.e. Online Focus Groups, Bulletin Boards, Online Diaries, Blogs, etc.)
  • Filing & Video Production

Quantitative Research

  • Online (i.e. Customised & Consumer Panels)