Amid the festivities and general merriment of this time of year, lurks an altogether bleaker side with a catalogue of pitfalls just waiting to plunge your family Christmas into chaos. From turkey terrors to present-based panic, it can easily turn into the season to be jolly-well stressed.

Thankfully, we’ve come to learn that some of the techniques we use every day in marketing and PR hold the key to coming through the drama of a family Christmas unscathed.

Sound far-fetched? Here’s how…

1. Responding to rubbish presents

It might sound ungrateful but nobody likes a rubbish present. Have a holding statement ready to go to make sure you can respond diplomatically to any situation – ready to manage the narrative, and avoid hurt feelings.

2. Discovering you forgot the cranberry sauce

Think emergency response – establish the facts, and always have a plan B. Grab unwanted apples from the stockings and whip up something magical to minimise the damage.

3. Avoiding dry turkey

Plan strategically. It’s all about the right person, taking the right action at the right time. A good list of when and what will have all your side dishes ready at the same time as the turkey.

4. When the dunk relative starts making controversial statements

Stay on brand. This is where ‘no comment’ comes in handy. Don’t get sucked into controversy. By steering the conversation into safer waters or pulling out a well-timed cracker you can get back to enjoying the Christmas spirit.

5. Game time!

Pick your team carefully and cover all bases with a good mix of skills. Whatever they say, it’s all about the winning…

6. Someone’s started the selection box debate

Know your target audience. If you’re talking to a fan of a Bounty, this could be a touchy subject this year… Understanding your audience will help you formulate smart messages and secure your favourite item.

7. When someone brings up that embarrassing story from 10 years ago

Shape a positive version. Make sure to have an advocate or two on side who can support your take on the story – you might even win them round… Everyone loves a good story at Christmas.

8. When the weather takes a turn and everyone has to stay

Smart segmentation is key. Keep all snorers together. Categorising guests with others with similar needs and characteristics will help everyone get a better sleep.

9. When grandad falls asleep at 2pm

Time to up your game. Keep the momentum going to really engage everyone. It’s hard to keep energy levels up after eating your body weight in food, but that steady drumbeat of activity will make it a memorable day for everyone.

10. When someone brings a new other half

Remember to brief the team in advance - not all surprises are good. Keeping everyone in the loop helps to avoid those awkward conversations at the dinner table.

It’s almost time to embrace the Christmas chaos and kick back with some bubbles. Whether you’ll soon be welcoming family or celebrating with friends, remember that no matter the disaster, you can always comms your way through – and keep your tinsel from getting tangled!

Having the right strategy to communicate your way through the more challenging moments will help shape the disaster-free Christmas you’re hoping for.

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The Korero team would like to wish you a very merry (stress-free) Christmas and a very Happy New Year!