22 Reasons to visit Kenya on GEF’s ‘Kenya 22’ adventure
  1. Climb Mount Kenya

Our team along with scouts will guide you up the second highest peak in Africa. Gillian Watt climbed the mountain in March 2019 and described the experience as “unforgettable and challenging”. Our team member Peter has climbed the mountain 337 times.

  1. See impact support has had on Kenyan families

Get the chance to see first hand what has been achieved through your fundraising and contributions from other well wishers.

  1. Interact with families

You can chat with families that have already received support and those who are still in need. Get the chance to ask them questions, tell them about life abroad and bring them gifts if you wish. The kids are always smiling and delighted to receive visitors.

  1. Experience the beautiful wilderness of Iten's Singore forest

Enjoy walking or running in the peaceful forest which shelters the stunning colobus monkeys.

  1. Officially open houses

One of the things we have on our itinerary is to officially hand over the houses that we've built for families and you can be there to see the emotions as they unfold. Fennick was one of our volunteers in July 2018 and said: “Seeing the families open the door of their brand new house and to see their faces burst with joy...there's not a better feeling in the world!"

  1. Volunteer with local businesses

From packing and selling nuts to making GEF bracelets, cooking chapatis or making and serving school lunches. You can be part of something special helping the families to earn more money that day - there is always lots of excitement amongst locals when a foreigner is working for a local business!

  1. Visit Masai Mara

Visit the world’s most famous safari; home to the ‘Big 5’ animals - elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo and rhino. There are so many other animals and species of bird!

"Photos of Masai Mara will give you a view of the experience but it is a million times better if you see it with your own eyes. It was a very special three days which will remain with me forever." These are the words of our volunteer Alan Brown who has now been to Kenya with us five times since 2015.

  1. Visit Fort Jesus

Our trip now incorporates a visit to The Old town of Mombasa, a place full of rich Portuguese and Middle Eastern heritage. Fort Jesus was built between 1593 and 1596 by order of King Philip 1 of Portugal. A visit to this old fort followed by a tour of the old town makes for a lovely two hours followed by relaxation by the hotel pool on a very warm day.

  1. Enjoy the beach sceneries of Mombasa

Mombasa is characterized by warm weather and very beautiful sceneries. Our volunteers who enjoy running have fun training along the beach but you can also jet-ski, sail or simply sunbathe. There are also optional traditional massages and plenty of a local drink called 'dawa' in full supply.

  1. David Sheldrick Elephant orphanage

There is no better place to interact with baby elephants than the magical David Sheldrick orphanage. They do incredible work to rehabilitate baby elephants and get them ready to be reintroduced back into the wild. Many of them have tragic stories relating to poachers.

  1. Run alongside Kenyan athletes

You can see hundreds of Kenyan athletes in action on the dirt tracks or on the roads during fartlek sessions. Those who like running can also join in the stampede of runners.

  1. Meet world renowned coach Brother Colm

Meet and enjoy the company of arguably the world's most legendary distance running coach. He's the man behind the success of multiple world and Olympic champions including 800m world record holder David Rudisha.

  1. Spend time with Alan Brown

He is a man with a heart of gold and great sense of humour. He's attended each one of our Kenya 22 trips and has done a record amount of fundraising for the charity.

  1. Visit Pavilion village

Get a chance to visit the place where GEF was inspired. A place with 39 amazing kids and their house parents John and Agnes. The children are there either due to abandonment, abuse at home or having lost their parents.

  1. Meet a top athlete

Our guests have had the pleasure of meeting athletes such as Wilson Kipsang, Mary Keitany, Linet Masai and Bethwell Birgen.

  1. Visit a primary school

The school kids are always excited to welcome visitors with a high-5! You can be sure there be lots of singing and dancing as well as interactive chats with the teachers.

  1. Enjoy Kenyan cuisine

From the high altitude in Iten to the beaches of Mombasa, Kenya has a rich variety of cuisines that you can sample from ugali to chapati and exotic fruits to nyama choma.

  1. Meet the child you sponsor

Our guests who sponsor a child each month will always get the opportunity to meet their sponsored child. Those who do not sponsor a child are also most welcome to identify someone they would like to support, but this is of course optional.

  1. Visit tea/coffee plantations and factories

Kenya produces some of the best quality tea and coffee in the world. This is your opportunity to see how it's grown and produced and purchase some if you wish.

  1. Attend a fundraising event Kenyan style

The Karatina fund drive takes place in a church and offers an interesting and lively insight on how Kenyans raise funds in support of GEF.

  1. Visit the second largest slum in Africa

Kibera slum is densely populated and many of its inhabitants live in extreme poverty. Our guests have been able to visit, interact with local and support them to set up income generating projects.

  1. Visit The Bomas of Kenya

Bomas of Kenya is a place where you can witness lots of different cultural dances and interesting aspects of Kenyan heritage.

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