A four step plan to make working from home a success

Working From Home (WFH) is set to be a phrase intrinsically linked to COVID-19. While many businesses have adopted this practice for years, the current lockdown has accelerated its up take dramatically and swiftly, which has put significant pressure on existing network IT capabilities. At Xeretec, we’re able to help you address those challenges and make WFH a reality for your business and your staff, now.

Our four-step action plan below – centred around Access - outlines how we can successfully help you fast track your route to WFH, simply, securely and… immediately.

First, with Xeretec, you get access to that key WFH tool - laptops. These maybe in short supply from other vendors at the moment, but thanks to Xeretec’s close links with HP and other leading brands, we have access to ample stock levels, greatly reducing lead times.

Not only do those close relationships with industry leaders give you priority access to laptops and related peripheral technology – like headsets, webcams and mobile phones - they’re easy to finance thanks to our simple pay per month options. In fact, you can tell us exactly what devices you need – and how many - by completing this short survey and we’ll come back to you with a price within hours.

Second, Xeretec can grant access to highly flexible VPN services. What separates our VPN offering from others, is that we can provide an ICE (In Case of Emergency) licence which offers a 56 day licence which can be used to address peaks in demand. We know this will help many customers through this short term challenge, without tying them unnecessarily into costly, long-term agreements.

Third, with device and access to the applications/data sorted, we can assure you of secure access, which will give you peace of mind with respect to end user security. Of course, hackers never sleep and COVID-19 gives them a wealth of opportunities to exploit. We can keep your business and remote workers protected from them through a range of solutions from industry-respected security leaders. Peace of mind comes with remote worker sign-in and authentication toolsets, which protect corporate data and access management using multi factor authentication and single sign on tools. These can be used with any mobile or remote working device.

Additionally, the solutions we offer capture the latest email phishing attacks that may get through or around the gateway, while also using AI to monitor the end user’s behaviour to spot and tackle threats proactively.

Meanwhile, staff that are WFH are more likely to inadvertently download questionable files. We can protect against that risk, too. Our solutions work on any Windows 10 device – no matter the device vendor. Best of all, this peace of mind comes from just 20p per user, per day.

Fourth, we’re here to help you speed up access. Having helped to get your staff operating from home/remote locations in a secure manner, we can successfully address another challenge; that of the speed at which users can work on critical applications, and download files. Xeretec has a clever toolset which integrates seamlessly with Cloud applications like Service Now, Sales Force and Office365. It accelerates downloads and the performance of your on-prem or Cloud applications; not only does its performance need to be experienced to be believed, but it’s relevant for employees who work in remote locations across the globe, as well as those who WFH. We have a 90 day free trial for on premise application acceleration toolsets and, once you’re convinced, we have a six month subscription option, too.

Remember, the intrinsic benefits of WFH remain true both under the current lockdown and outside of it; a better work/life balance for your staff, flexible working, boosted productivity, reduced travel, reduced emissions and a reduced carbon footprint. So, if the current lockdown has forced you to adopt a WFH policy – or expand an existing one – our WFH Access plan will ensure that you do it properly and with your business’ long term objectives in mind.

Visit our dedicated WFH landing page today to find out more about how Xeretec can ensure that WFH transforms your business, both now and in the future.