Our Microsoft 365 tools and applications are evolving at an incredible rate. Just a few years ago we were limited to our classic suite of tools, consisting of an app for word processing, managing spreadsheets, mail management, database management and notetaking. Now we have a wide range of programs and applications that enable us to create new and engaging content, organise files and tasks, tap into our data and automate process.

But, to enable our teams to take advantage of the new functionality, we firstly need them to know how to access, navigate and use the systems and applications. And the challenge in that lies with being able to keep up with all the new features and new apps.

The information is out there and users that want to know will find out, usually by Googling it. But, often this doesn’t answer all of the questions as - especially with large organisations - there are customisations and internal business processes and mechanisms that make applications behave in a slightly different way. It’s also not often the most efficient way to find out key information – it can be a bit of a minefield trying to wade through the volume of information to find the right video, guide, article or blog.

Microsoft have provided a solution to help solve some of the problems that organisations face with educating and upskilling their users in applications.

Microsoft Learning Pathways is a free service, which is a collection of pre-built SharePoint communication sites, which host “out-of-the-box” training content which can then be customised – essentially a library of documents, videos and guides.

To start using Microsoft Learning Pathways, simply:


Provision the service

Name your SharePoint site URL and let Microsoft do the rest – this takes roughly 15 minutes so grab yourself a cuppa!


Choose the categories and products you want to make available

Maybe you’re not using Yammer or Access – switch these Learning Pathways off so as not to confuse or distract your users


Customise your pages

Get creative with your branding and logos and include your organisations help and support details


Create and upload organisation specific content

Communicate your security systems and governance systems effectively using different types of content - create and upload video learning, write a blog post, link to another SharePoint site or embed a YouTube video. The possibilities are endless


Enable access and link up

Test the site with your digital champions or launch it straight to the business ensuring to promote the benefits that they can see to gain. Add a link to the site to your intranet or portal so that your users can find the information quickly and easily. Make sure to gather feedback regularly and use it to identify improvements and developments to the service

If you need resources or support in setting up and managing your Microsoft Learning Pathways, Electra Learning can help with a personalised service. Have a look at our website to see how we have helped our clients and find out more.