In a world where safety and competency are paramount, the offshore industry has long relied on standards that guarantee the highest level of expertise. For more than three decades, Sparrows, now Altrad Sparrows, has been at the forefront of essential training, setting the gold standard for crane operators. Despite our rebrand, the decision to retain the iconic Sparrows ‘mark’ on our training certificates is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and the industry-wide recognition of our brand's superior training.

The Sparrows training standard was established in 1990 with a singular purpose - to assess the competency of crane operators in a field where safety is non-negotiable. This move was driven by the recognition of the critical nature of crane operation and the need to ensure that those undertaking the training possessed the best skills and knowledge available in the industry. Fast forward to today, and we have become synonymous with safety, competence, and excellence.

Our offshore crane operator standard comprises various stages, each rigorously designed to elevate the skills of crane operators, ensuring that they are well-equipped to handle the demanding responsibilities of their job. Presently, around 5,000 crane operators globally are trained and certified to the Sparrows standard - highlighting our pivotal role in shaping the industry's workforce and driving a strong safety culture.

In 2021, we introduced a visual identity, the 'Sparrows training mark,' to provide a clear and recognisable symbol of training quality. This mark and what it stands for distinguishes our training materials and assures participants that they are receiving instruction to the high standards we are renowned for, Sparrows expertise is held in high regard by training companies, operators, service providers and delegates.

While our Sparrows training standard and its accompanying mark are not separately accredited, their industry-wide recognition makes them highly regarded and, in many cases, a requirement for employers.

The secret to maintaining our reputation as the training provider of choice lies in a history that spans more than four decades. With over 45 years’ experience in lifting operations and a commitment to technical excellence, Altrad Sparrows is a trusted specialist. Our brand has become synonymous with quality and assurance. This reputation that is built on the foundation of rigor that distinguishes us and our training from others.

The decision to retain the 'Sparrows' mark on our training certificates post-rebrand is not merely a matter of nostalgia. It is a statement of our unwavering dedication to safety, excellence, and quality. The mark symbolises a legacy of competence and trust that spans decades, instilling confidence in both trainees and employers. With Altrad Sparrows, the industry can rest assured that our commitment to the highest standards of training remains steadfast.