How often have you heard “It’s been tough for everyone over the last 18 months”? Sadly, not everyone is equipped to deal with the lockdown and the new work environment in the same way. Some people take it in their stride whilst others struggle physically as well as mentally. Mental health of employees is a concern for many businesses, small and large alike. People are the heart of every business, and their lack of mental and physical wellbeing can have an adverse effect on both performance and productivity.

Is your company aware Aberdeen has the only Float Room in Scotland, located in the Bridge of Don at the Urban Wellness Hub? Floating has many monikers such as isolation or sensory deprivation, but its proper name is R.E.S.T. (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy)

In the world of self-care, float therapy tanks are becoming increasingly popular as a means to decrease stress and renew our wellbeing. Within our float room, light and sound are restricted, and the temperature is kept at a constant 35.6 degrees. This allows for a truly restricted stimulus environment to reap the full benefits this therapy has to offer.

Clinical research investigating Float R.E.S.T. has reported beneficial effects across a range of different stress and pain-related conditions, including PTSD, hypertension, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, chronic tension headaches, chronic muscle pain in the back, as well as neck and stress-related pain with burnout depression. It has been proven to help with sleep regulation as well.

For Stress

A large decrease in cortisol levels is shown post float compared to pre-float levels. Furthermore, the evidence published for R.E.S.T. shows it is a safe and effective relief for stress, anxiety disorders, PTSD, and depression disorders.

For Pain

Significant reductions in pain have been documented by research when measured pre and post float. Acute and Chronic pain alike show benefits from magnesium in the float environment.

For Muscle Recovery

Athletes use floatation primarily for two goals: recovery / healing from stress related injury, and greater mental clarity for competitive focus.

We have a number of small, medium and large companies already investing in their workforce’s health and wellbeing by providing Float therapy on a regular basis. Plus, a growing number of companies have extended their wellbeing programmes to include online Guided Relaxation Sessions, Gentle Movement Sessions (whether you are desk based or in a role that is on-the-go), Creating A Healthy Habit - How to create and build a healthy habit into day to day life.

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