Knowledge gaps, uncertainty around return on investment, building a business case and performance issues are some of the most common challenges facing organisations today. Many of our customers cite these factors as limitations to investing in its people and upskilling its workforce.

In light of these challenges, we launched The Add Energy Academy to meet the pitfalls and address the skills gap. The Academy is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of workforces to enable businesses who are operating across the energy, utility, manufacturing, renewables, marine and mining sectors to be safe, efficient and effective.

The challenges

Knowledge gaps

Quite often, our customers will experience skill gaps as a result of experienced personnel leaving the team or moving into a new role elsewhere in the business. Typically, this has been seen to increase exposure to risk and often leads to additional business costs.

Uncertainty around ROI

Businesses can sometimes be reluctant to invest without knowing how it will benefit the business and the employee - leading to lack of investment because there isn't a clear projection of the return on investment (ROI).

Building a business case

A lack of awareness of the existing competency profiles and levels within an organisation and the subsequent risk this poses to a business can make it difficult to secure a budget internally for learning and development.

Performance issues

The value of a competent workforce should not be underestimated. A lack of investment in training may save you money in the short term, however it can lead to performance expectations not being met, an increase in the business risk profile and expensive business inefficiencies.

How the Add Energy Academy aims to provide solutions to these challenges…

  • Our subject matter expert instructors offer a cost-effective and proven solution to enhancing the knowledge and skills of a workforce
  • We verify learning through instructor-led testing and assignments to assure merit
  • We can conduct competency gap assessments to identify risk and determine where investment should be made to assure ROI
  • We provide training tailored for different levels within an organisation to enhance the relevance and the overall learning experience
  • We align our develop learning materials to company standards, procedures and local regulations
  • We identify future knowledge requirements and develop roadmaps to avoid loss of experience and skill

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