Meet Eoin Wood, Global Sales and Marketing Manager at Deep Casing Tools. Eoin joined the team in February 2022 looking for a new challenge within a technology driven business. He’ll focus on driving tool sales for Deep Casing Tools both across the UK and internationally, raising awareness of the value of each.

With over 15 years’ experience in drilling and completions downhole tool sales, Eoin will be an asset to the Deep Casing Tools team. He has dedicated his career towards helping clients successfully get their completions and liners to target depth, developing loyal relationships with many drilling and completion engineers from across the globe. His experience expands across the well life cycle from drilling and completions to fishing and intervention, placing him in a great position to sell DCT’s simple, sustainable, and innovative technologies.

Welcome to the team Eoin!

What attracted you to this role at Deep Casing Tools?

It was the right move at the right time for my career. I really enjoy working in a small team within a technology driven business where better collaboration, motivation and of course innovation can take place.

Deep Casing Tools are at a crucial point in their development where their suite of technologies is on the cusp of reaching new levels. I’m excited to be a part of this, the development of downhole solutions in new and existing markets has been a key driver throughout my career. I feel this drive can continue at Deep Casing Tools where I can provide simple, sustainable innovations to operators around the globe no matter where they are in their well life cycle.

How will your experience drive tool sales at Deep Casing Tools?

For 11 years I have been involved with businesses who help clients get their completions to target depth. Within this time, I have successfully positioned myself as a trusted advisor to many drilling and completion engineers through the provision of reliable and innovative technology. I hope that I can continue this trend at Deep Casing Tools, using the DCT portfolio and my experience to build relationships with new, valued clients.

Name your top three career highlights?

1 – Every salesperson remembers their first PO. For me this was way back in 2007 when I secured an order for casing wear protectors for a major Danish operator.

2 – As a collective I have taken great satisfaction in the number of clients I have assisted over the years, providing the solutions needed to get their completions to target depth. This has involved many challenging projects along the way including a four well campaign for a super-major UK operator. There were severe concerns about whether the completions run would reach target depth on this project. However, through careful consultation and consideration, the correct combination of tools was recommended. As a result, target depth was reached successfully on each occasion and 100% of the possible production interval was realised. I love getting involved with projects early on to provide a considered technical solution that works time and time again. I feel we are fantastically positioned at Deep Casing Tools to enhance this idea.

3 – Landing my new role at Deep Casing Tools. For me this is a fantastic career advancement, and I am extremely grateful for the fantastic opportunity that I have managed to earn.

You have over 15 years’ experience in drilling and completions downhole tool sales, which part of your role in sales do you enjoy most?

The chance to meet an array of such interesting and diverse people from around the world.

I take enjoyment from building relationships over time with clients, ensuring a loyal, long-term partnership.

For the past 10 years you have concentrated on growing new technologies within the market, selling specialist solutions for downhole operations. What advancements in downhole technology have you witnessed over the past decade?

The completions workspace has advanced at an impressive pace during the last decade. It has been very important to keep up with these changes in my sales efforts to stay relevant and current.

An ever-changing technology landscape provides an ongoing challenge within the oil and gas industry. As new trends emerge, innovative solutions need to adapt to these changes. Deep Casing Tools do exactly that, another reason why I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to work for the team. Their technologies continue to advance in line with new trends, providing a complete solution across the drilling and completion cycle. They’re technologies are reducing time, cost, and emissions on operations, helping companies save money and reach their net zero targets.

You have travelled the globe throughout your career, from Asia to the US. What’s one consistent trend you see across well life cycle technology, no matter the region?

The need to do things faster and more efficiently. Time is money and I feel I have managed to save many clients significant time during my career using fantastic well life cycle technology like those supplied by Deep Casing Tools.

Connect with Eoin directly via LinkedIn here to find out more about Deep Casing Tools and our suite of technologies.