I cannot fathom why many Companies are still “Kicking the Carbon Can” down the road in not addressing their carbon emissions. I wonder what it will take to prick their conscience to start addressing their carbon emissions.

Are they waiting till they have to? Waiting till their clients push for it? Or, perhaps only responding when they lose some tenders because they have a poor carbon profile! What is stopping them?

Knowledge? A carbon assessment takes some time to understand emissions, factors, calculations, what applies, and what doesn’t. How do carbon offsets work? are they legitimate? There are many guides online and numerous qualified advisers to assist.

Cost? A carbon assessment is not expensive and regularly presents opportunities to save costs. A carbon assessment would help the preparation of a carbon management plan, making their business more inclined to win more sales and some funding is available to fund carbon assessments and develop carbon management plans.

Time? It requires a little time to collate the data required to complete the assessments first time around, thereafter it is easier and allows measurement of elements that were possibly not measured before.

Resources? It basically needs some time from accountants to produce the data, with support from many of the consultants out there.

Is ignorance bliss? - You can’t manage what you don’t measure or understand, and many companies are not aware of the benefits they can access from having an established carbon profile: -

You know where your emissions are coming from and identifies opportunities for reduction and savings. It will encourage businesses look closely at their operations, product designs, supply chain, promoting changes to be made that will benefit their bottom line, their products, their sales, and above make their contribution to help climate change.

Is it about time to “Stop Kicking The Can” and start playing “Hunt The Carbon”