Being open to feedback

WHILST I agree with this quote, it highlights a misconception around "feedback".

When we think of feedback we often think of it as a softer term for "criticism", and therefore, as the quote suggests, calls attention to something negative that we need to change.

Therefore our "Openness to Feedback" needs to come from an understanding that feedback is positive and negative, given and received, and involves communication upwards, as well as downwards, in the management structure.

Leaders have a responsibility to create an environment where feedback becomes part of normal conversation and not just a review.

The actual definition of feedback in an organistion is:

“the information sent to an entity (individual or a group) about its prior behaviour so that the entity may adjust its current and future behavior to achieve the desired result”

That adjustment could be both positive or negative.

We can adjust by increasing and developing the behaviour, or by desisting and changing the behaviour.

Leaders should think about the language used in the delivery of feedback and perhaps encourage by positive suggestion.

So rather than communicating around cessation of a behaviour talk about an action.

Asking someone to close the door gently is different to asking them to stop slamming the door.

Both have the same outcome but one is framed positively and one is framed negatively.

Winston Churchill