Recruitment. It’s always been a bit like painting the Forth Bridge, hasn’t it?

Just when you think you’ve filled the necessary gaps, along comes a fresh recruitment hurdle to overcome. We’ve all been there, right?

The hiring cycle has always been constant. Add in the uncertainty over Brexit and the life-changing nature of the pandemic, and I’d suggest that finding and keeping staff, particularly in the service sector, is more challenging now than ever.

We are fortunate in Goldstar to have a highly-trained and loyal team, many of whom have worked as part of the Goldstar family for many years. Our business continues to thrive and we are proud of the team’s hard work in achieving this.

However, as we continue to forge partnerships with new clients and build new business across Scotland, we face a host of recruitment hurdles. From conversations with many in my service sector network, I know we are not alone.

I’d go as far to say that service-sector staff shortages are creating a crisis across much of Aberdeen City & Shire, and it’s showing no signs of easing up.

At a time when the economy of our region is in desperate need – and when we can all do so much to help build it back again – it can be frustrating to see so many essential service-sector vacancies remain unfilled.

We work in partnership with many colleagues in the service sector to overcome everyday challenges. Right now, I feel that’s not enough and we need wider collaboration to tackle the recurring recruitment issues head-on.

Where are eligible candidates choosing to work? Why would dozens of people apply for roles then omit to turn up for interview? How well do we all match the right people to the right roles? What levels of flexibility are staff demanding now to meet their lifestyles? How can employers meet these requirements while still growing their business in a sustainable and responsible way? What other factors are at play?

The recovery of our region depends on a robust service sector, whether that’s in tourism, hotels, restaurants, facilities management, or retail. I would happily help spearhead a region-wide recruitment taskforce charged with getting to the root of what’s required to match those seeking work with the many opportunities that exist right now. Anyone care to join me?